Cloud storage technology and cloud storage service

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Cloud storage technology and cloud storage service of cloud computing system architecture

Like cloud security described in the previous section, cloud storage has two different meanings.

Provide storage services with the help of cloud computing concepts and technologies, such as Google's picass oweb online photo storage service and Microsoft's Windows Live file and photo storage service, CDN (Content Delivery Network) and CMS (Content Management System) applications, WebDAV (web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), which are cloud computing applications and mainly SaaS services.

Storage technologies and support for cloud computing systems, such as network file systems, distributed file systems, and high-performance concurrent file systems (HFPS) that have been introduced in chapter 6th.

IDC survey data predicts that by 2013, the growth rate of cloud storage services is expected to exceed all other It cloud services, from the current growth of $17.4 billion to $44.2 billion, of which, the proportion of the cloud storage market will increase from the current 9% to 14%, that is to say, the market size of cloud storage will be close to $6.2 billion. This is the first cloud storage, or cloud computing-based storage service. It uses cloud computing technology to provide SaaS services. Netapp and Iron Mountain prefer to use staas (storage as a service), but snia recommends daas (data storage as a service ).

Due to the potential of this market, in April 2009, more than 140 companies established the snia cloud storage technology Working Group and announced the first cloud storage standard: cloud Data Management Interface (cdmi) in April 2010 ), this is the first substantial achievement of almost all cloud computing standard organizations. Currently, typical cloud storage service providers include Amazon S3, Google storage, Microsoft SkyDrive, emc atmos/mozy, Dropbox, sugursync, and syncplicity, china Telecom E cloud, China Mobile 139 mailbox, century internet slave, Lenovo network disk, Kingsoft fast disk, best cloud storage for photos data bank, best cloud storage Sina micro disk, and so on. Cloud computing-based storage services are not part of the cloud computing system architecture.

Two aspects of cloud storage are storage and computing supported by cloud computing. They mainly involve distributed storage (such as distributed file systems, ipsan, data synchronization, and replication), data storage (such as deduplication, data compression, data encoding), data protection (such as raid, CDP, snapshot, backup and disaster tolerance) and other technical fields,free cloud storage  as shown in 8-30, this is already described in Chapter 1.


Like cloud security technology, cloud storage technology also needs to use all existing storage technologies to apply appropriate storage technology to all aspects of the cloud computing three-tier architecture, in order to achieve the best results, for example, corresponding to different needs, sometimes database technology should be used, but LDAP technology should be used. For systems with high performance requirements, San or NAS should be used, and RPC or socket-Based Concurrent file systems should be used directly, some applications are too costly to use San, so I will not discuss it in detail here. As shown in Figure 8-31, it is a storage system built using netapp Fas, Cisco UCs, and VMWare vshpere 4 Technologies, which promotes both the above two cloud storage technologies and applications.


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