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Dede How to do SEO
Dede is the same type of CMS system inside SEO do a better one, but still some places can not be satisfactory, the following will give you specific talk about Dede can do some optimization, some SEO
This article is best net summary practice Dede SEO experience, share to you dede webmaster gifts!
Hope that we work together, do a good job dede SEO let search faster ingest your site, enhance your website traffic!
The technical parameters of this paper is not high, simple is beauty.
This article will DeDe CMS seo optimization of five parts:
1. URL Optimization Technical Parameters:
2. Label Optimization Technical parameters:
3.Tag Optimization Technical Parameters:
4. Structural Optimization Technical Parameters:
5. Weight Optimization Technical parameters:

One. DEDE seo one: URL optimization

Case: Best Web
Method: The whole station uses static HTML, such as: content pages (articles, pictures, software downloads, etc.), so that the search for inclusion, and open faster than the dynamic page much faster.
But that's not enough, because if the file is generated with the default template, the URL becomes extremely long. What we're going to do next is to move the file to the root directory, reduce the number of URLs in the URL path, theoretically, the less the number, the higher the weight in the search engine that the page is in. In other words, the closer the root of the site, the greater the weight! How to achieve it?

Very simple, in the Dede Backstage: Column Management Modified column Advanced options: Article naming rules: instead: news/{aid}.html This is my approach,[You can change the news to your own name according to your directory name, such as articles, provided the directory name exists.]
two. DEDE SEO II: Label Optimization case:

The best way to explain the Web: the main Mata the use of the head of the file. Release the head of my file, please change it according to your own requirements. These three labels are the main areas of interest in the search. So be sure to do well. <Title>{Dede:field name= ' title '/}-{Dede:global name= ' cfg_webname '/}-http://www.i1best.cn</title>
<meta name= "keywords" content= "{dede:tag type= ' current '}[field:tagname/],{/dede:tag}" />
<meta name= "description" content= "{Dede:field name= ' description ' function= ' Html2text (@me) '/} '> Usage statement:
1:{dede:field name= ' title '/}-{Dede:global name= ' cfg_webname '/}-http://www.i1best.cn is this supposed to be clear? The title of the article page, followed by the website name and URL.
2:meta name= "keywords", I use: Tag as the post-post keyword meta-keywords, because the Dede background bulk access to keyword function is not very strong, get n more useless words, feel directly with tag come true. Direct, and in one language. Also need to explain is, if the use of Keyword,dede default keyword only 15 characters, how to see how all feel not enough, the following to provide you with the method of modification, keyword Well is also very important. Here's how: This method modifies the type of a table field directly 1. Change the keywords and description of the column: in the System Tools---The SQL command-line tool---Run the SQL command line:ALTER TABLE dede_arctype Change column description description text;
ALTER TABLE dede_arctype change column keywords keywords text;

Such a few solution column keyword and describe the limit of the number of words, you want how many words on how many 2. Change the keyword and description of the article content:
Similarly, the System tool---The SQL command-line tool---Run the SQL command line:ALTER TABLE dede_archives Change column description description text;
ALTER TABLE dede_archives change column keywords keywords text;Next, modify the article_add.php and article_edit.php under the Dede file
$description = cn_substrr ($description,N);
$keywords = cn_substrr ($description,+);

Where 500 and 120 are the number of characters you want, respectively, description and keywords.
3:meta name= "description", here directly with the Dede default {dede:field name= ' description ' function= ' Html2text (@me) '/}, if you do not display the file after generation, Can be obtained in bulk in the background. Dede: The ability to extract abstracts in batches.

Three. DEDE seo three: Tag optimization
Case: Best Web

Method Detailed: The main explanation document tag optimization. Now the search preferences included tag, we must according to his appetite to customize his favorite things.
Dede the latest version of the 5.3.1 tag more humane. You can support displaying the tag tag of the current article instead of the full-site tag.
<span><strong>Tag:</Strong>{dede:tag type= ' current ' /}</span>

Usage statement: According to your own web template to put on the number of Tag,tag recommended not more than 5 as well. If your original article is collected, not to Dede altar view by: Weaving Dream Official team: Unable to display the provided: Tag batch extraction & Maintenance Plug-in, url: [url]http://bbs.dedecms.com/read.php?tid=62730 & Fpage=0&toread=[/url] &page=1

four. DEDE seo four: structural optimization
Case: Best Web
Methods: Explain the structure of the Web page optimization. Suggest ad class and picture class with JS to call, this can speed up the opening of the website, and will not be affected by the ad bit. Because if the website is too slow to open, do you think Baidu Spider and GG Spider will come to patronize you? (but also found some problems, for example, some times some ads using Dede JS call ads will not jump out, Khan, do not know what the situation, left to the technical experts to solve it, such as the first video of some ads), in addition, I mainly talk about the dede of the number of views count of the code optimization. Because this is not set up, it will greatly affect the speed of Web page opening.
At the original browsing counter code to: <span id=lltj> Browse:</span>
At the bottom of the template page, add:
<!--Document Statistics Code Start-
Browse:<ScriptSrc= "{Dede:field name= ' phpurl '/}/count.php?aid={dede:field name= ' ID '/}&mid={dede:field name= ' MemberID '/}& View=yes "Language= "JavaScript"></Script>
<script Language= "JavaScript" >
Lltj.innerhtml= span_lltj.innerhtml;
Span_lltj.innerhtml= </script>< Span style= "color: #000000;" >
<!-- Document statistics code begins to end -->

Usage: Very simple function, the main realization is to speed up the opening of the page, open some of the pictures more than the page effect is very obvious

SOURCE-Best NET!  The Best of Everything!
Five. DEDE seo five: Weight optimization

Case: Best Web
Method in detail: all know that PR value is important, the quality of the link is important, but just opened the station, someone to talk to you? The same server's own site, it is recommended not to exchange with each other, careful to all down the right ... To join DMOZ, and too lazy, to say the truth, join DMOZ when the editor, your own site can be a priority to include OH. Talk about how to join DMOZ in the future.

Go to the point: if you have a high PR value of the site immediately put new station friendship plus it ... Recommended PR High station do not add too much outside the chain, so that the weight of the new station will be more. What if no one cares about exchanging with you? hehe ... That's what I'm going to say.

Your site is a great job, and then edit one to two original articles, after that is what we want to do, go to the weight of the site to optimize, so that the site easier to include points, below I will give you a few weights relatively high site for your reference.

1. Sina Blog
To Sina register a similar site with your domain name, your original article into Sina, and then the title of the Sina Blog to your "website name-plus domain name" domain name form
At the end of the article, put a word like the following
The best web (your domain)
Original download: The best web (your domain name)
Address: http://www.i1best.cn (original article address)
All rights reserved, must be reproduced in the form of link to the author and original source and this statement.
(Note that, you can take a simple JS code, to achieve as long as someone else to copy the article on your page, you can automatically add the copyright information, such as people casually in my site copy points, and then paste to other places, will vent the end of the article more copyright information, If there are careless people beauty notice to remove your copyright to the article sent to other places, is tantamount to help you do propaganda, hehe, the relevant JS code can refer to my station this:<ScriptType= "Text/javascript">
Document.body.oncopy= function() {
SetTimeout (function() {
VarText=Clipboarddata.getdata ("Text ");
if=< Span style= "color: #000000;" > text + \r\n Source-Best NET! The Best of Everything! Original link: "+location.href ; Clipboarddata.setdata ( "text "}, 100)
script> 2, Blogbus
Use and Sina the same way to publish, in the same way published, sometimes Blogbus will be faster, I write the article will post, see the specific test time.
3, Donews
This is pure weight super high, search absolutely bring you traffic.
4, 365key
This is the network pick the right high, you do a good site to 365key collection, the new station, Google quickly included, first included in the 365key link, and then you are the site.

Then share a few of my own often use of the place, we refer to the reference, hehe.

1. Baidu know: Baidu gives the weight is not low, but must remember, do not send ads stickers, send a value of the post is not a problem, a day or two, do not too much, persist in doing, remember that your website keyword to and your problem consistent, such a link is valuable. Do not send no longer related to the issue, when posting, plus your website URL on it, know that will automatically generate the super-chain.
2. Tianya Quiz, although the weight does not know high Baidu, but also can, to answer in the relevant questions, do not send advertising stickers.
3. Yahoo answers, weights can also, other questions ibid.
4. Eight ring network, I sent some posts on the internet, hair theme stickers, the inside of the Web site is not a hyperlink, answer questions and URLs can be generated hyperlinks.
5. The best net, I posted in the post, plus the URL, automatically generate hyperlinks, the site weight is not low.
6. Hand hand, can also generate hyperlinks, although the weight is not very high, but also good.
7, the laggards, Webmaster's website, everyone should know.
8. Sogou quiz: can send links, reference Baidu know.
9.google online forum, weight is not very high, but a hyperlink.
May also have the high weight can send the hyperlink place, hoped everybody to add, the blog message link, uses very small. It can be said to be useless.

In this way to update the site, your new station will soon be included, a long time to do the site weight will be higher than the chain of blog, and thus queued to the front and included in advance, I hope that advertising novice Webmaster A lot of efforts, SEO and website optimization, are to persevere, adhere to the victory!

Hope this article can help you realize the ideal of the heart ... This article by the best network independent writing completed, which reference a lot of Internet SEO advanced point of view, the purpose is to take this article to draw your opinion, let us conspiracy webmaster development truth.

[SEO]-[DeDe] Optimization seo

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