SEO optimization of the core: how the user experience and SEO optimization integration

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Although now search engines are saying, want to do SEO optimization, first to do a good user experience, although this sentence is not wrong, but we clearly know that if we want to do a good user experience, it takes a long time, often do not have a clue, need to continue in the practice of summing up, even if it is a good user experience, And the ranking of the site did not imagine a great upgrade, instead of those who only do SEO optimization can get a good ranking, this result, let us feel that the search engine to us these webmaster have opened a big joke!

Even a good person has done such an experiment, is in their own blog every day to write a large number of original, according to the search engine advice did not do outside the chain, just because these high-quality articles are quoted after the chain, in accordance with as long as can give users a good experience can have a good ranking, But in fact this blog ranking is very low, so there has been no traffic, and finally have to close down! Visible search engine here has failed case! From this we know to do a good user experience and do SEO optimization is a certain difference! This is two kinds of SEO optimization technology! If they can be a good fusion, then this site will be able to get a decent performance, but want to integrate, or first to understand the user experience and some differences in SEO technology!

The first is the user experience: we know that generally improve the user experience to work from the web design, can let the user look very exquisite, at the same time also has some animation display, feels very intense, moreover in the content above we need to give the user to provide the practical article, can help to the user, the website function design must be concise, Do not need too many paths to find the page, usually just click three times to find the final page, all of these done, it is a good user experience!

Then there is SEO optimization technology: We know that SEO optimization technology will also design the site design, mainly simple, site code not too easy, do not like the practical JS script, but also do not want to practical pictures ah, animation ah what, if the page is mainly composed of words, it is more by the search engine like, in addition to the content, As much as possible in the content of the site to appear in the relevant keywords, at the same time the content should be helpful to the user, the best is original, it is not true false original is also acceptable; In addition to the site's internal chain and the chain have to be optimized, the chain do not have dead links, not too complex, the chain is the more the better, the more the more the more

Finally, from the above introduction to improve the user experience and SEO optimization there is convergence between the intersection, but also have their own different characteristics, the intersection is mainly reflected in the site's content construction above, so we want to integrate user experience and SEO optimization will be from the content to find ways, of course, for now, Simply relying on the user experience to improve the ranking of the site is a bit unrealistic, we have done an example of this problem, so in the user experience and optimize the process of SEO integration, as far as possible to the SEO technology tilt, such as a lot of outside the chain of construction, and simplify the site code and so on! Only in this way can adapt to the current form!

Of course, in the long run, improve the user experience is certainly the construction of the site to help is huge, although the current can not be used as the mainstream optimization means, but this site optimization process is to be placed in and SEO optimization of the same conditions! Only in this way can you optimize the site to a good ranking, Others open your site will not go, or your site jump rate is too high is no way to get huge development! This article by the network Telephone free Dozen original A5 first, the website: reprint Please specify from "The network telephone free dozen", thanks!

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