SEO Optimization Summary: A large number of collecting love station and webmaster network SEO weight response is different

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Continuous Update SEO Training blog has been one months, the period of all the articles are 100% original, maybe Baidu saw my efforts, made a heart, let this be down the right SEO training blog and restore the weight of Baidu.

(All is the website revision to cause the misfortune)

The following for me this time to do Zhang Qia SEO Training Blog Optimization to do a summary. In my continuous update of the original article of the seventh day, the site's Baidu weight of 1, with some keywords ranking. With the increase of original articles, Baidu traffic is also gradually increased, Baidu is expected to increase the IP also slowly.

In the update Zhang Qia SEO Training blog On the 20th day, I made some changes to the site layout, the site navigation, sidebar settings, the article on the layout of the page is a major change. such as in the 25th day or so, Baidu to the site down the right, but a small punishment, delete the original page of the keyword ranking, only retained the first page ranking. (from this point of view, the site SEO optimization as far as possible not to change the layout, especially has been included in the page Baidu. )

Baidu down the right is not terrible, this is just a warning to the site Baidu, a mature SEO blog should not be a large range of changes in the situation. In Zhang Qia SEO Training Blog Optimization of the 35th day, I through Baidu Webmaster tools to find out the chain of the blog suddenly reached more than 250, but I rarely go to the outside chain, through the detailed link page observation, there are some garbage outside the chain. So through Baidu Webmaster tool rejection chain once rejected 200 outside the chain, leading to the total number of chain now only 50.

(site outside the chain trend chart)

During this period, Zhang Qia SEO Training Blog Rankings have generated fluctuations, some have entered the first page of the keyword ranking directly fell to the third, fourth page. The main keyword ranked from 35 dropped more than 200. (from this point of analysis, Baidu Webmaster tools to reject the chain, the number of one-time rejections should not be too much, otherwise there is the opposite effect.) )

Through these two changes, Zhang Qia SEO Training blog tends to stabilize, my update frequency is an original article every day (sometimes two days a), to do a chain, so far to adhere to the more than 10-day time. Baidu weight again slowly upgrade, IP traffic also gradually increased, SEO blog overall in the upward trend.

I write this SEO training blog is to share some of their SEO experience, I found that a lot of seoer do SEO optimization is two eyes a black, completely by guessing to do, hearsay, parrot. Some basic knowledge of SEO did not understand, and the mood is buoyant, unwilling to calm down to learn from other people's experience. So I once again against the original spirit of Baidu, in their own Zhang Qia SEO Training blog Out of a section, which all are not my own article, but to some SEO excellent good articles summed up, did not do any of the false original direct share to everyone.

(Webmaster network detection of Baidu weight)

For such a large number of collection, through Love station and webmaster network to observe the reflection of Baidu, but got two different results, webmaster network detection Baidu keyword increase, but Baidu traffic is down. Love Station net test result is Baidu keyword quantity does not change, but Baidu weight increases, reach Baidu right 2.

(Love station network detection of Baidu weight)

Baidu for Zhang Qia SEO training blog Such operations as a reflection, whether to give me the depth of the site down right, Zhang Qia polished eyes, quietly waiting ...

This article is an original article, author: Zhang Qia.

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