Seo seo after the flood optimization work will be extremely difficult

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These years a lot of SEO training team, SEO teaching, and other books have been relatively long see, because so SEO in a limited time will appear a lot of ask. These questions can only represent Hu Yibo's personal thoughts and may not necessarily become reality. Could there be a new turning point after that?

 Changes in search engines

First of all, the major search engines will reduce their own server spam data, so many of the low quality of the chain may be the search engine to clean out. In is, the search engine's trivial update will appear high-quality outside the chain will also be unstable. Search engines may be more concerned with users ' search concerns than all of the outside chain and optimization methods. But Baidu to achieve results still need a certain amount of time, looks like Google has this trend.

 SEO after the flood of worry

SEO through a variety of training, tutorials, books have now begun in the mainstream, SEO this career is now also more concerned by many companies. So SEO now hot may create the future flood of SEO, each company equipped with SEO personnel words site optimization will be a difficult job. In fact, there are already a lot of seoer can not find a job, not to mention is later. Achievement of a very practical experience and ability of the site optimizer first has a good resource, such as: network resources, external chain resources, optimization tools, data analysis resources and so on. This is now the SEO, in the future these may just be a basic. Because of the spread of SEO is now optimized site will get a lot of outside the chain and success opportunities, over the years in the want to do SEO people will be difficult to sit on the first page of the throne. Now the optimized site may have gained a lot of outside the chain, friends chain, content, users, so after the competition for a website optimizer no matter how much you have the ability will not be successful, this trend will form the original personal webmaster now to do the same, need to build a team of SEO and equipped with sufficient part-time outside the chain. (This question has always been a Hu Yibo in the thinking of a problem, I have been asking myself how long SEO can do)

diversification leads to SEO hot

Today's SEO is not the first monotonous optimization, and slowly has formed a diversified optimization approach. Now the site optimization has greatly increased the soft text promotion, QQ Group promotion, Micro-blog promotion, mail promotion, blog promotion, and so on, increased more comprehensive and detailed, the perfect combination of optimization work on the marketing promotion work. SEO from the monotonous increase to the Web site marketing to promote the poles, to hire a website optimizer relative with you hired: website editing, corporate planning, corporate marketing, business management and many other positions, so that led to the SEO become a popular occupation.


SEO will this just a few years of the formation of the occupation will face the challenge of high difficulty, and now the training of SEO will not be a very good elite. SEO training should also promote and pay attention to this aspect of the dynamic in order to develop suitable for the work and actual combat talent. SEO flooding concerns may not only I think of a person, may be a lot of seo or understand SEO friends are looking out these subtle details.

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