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Many webmaster because of SEO and worry, which I was the same, SEO is what, what is SEO, may have some webmaster know seo this word, but the true meaning may not understand, so on the formation of "a bottle of less than half bottle stroll" Example has a lot!

What is SEO? SEO is the so-called search engine optimization of an English abbreviation, that its main role is what? There are good to improve the search engine weight, some good weight will have rankings, that is, why our site in the back of dozens of pages, that is because Baidu is not good for you, you do not treat the same as the guests of spiders, So Baidu makes you think that the weight of the right is very low. Then SEO can bring me what effect?

Now the search engine has been accustomed to the public, almost everyone can not be separated from the search engine, our goal is to allow customers to use search engines to search keywords when the time came to your site, so that the flow of increase and increase loyal users! Through practice, I have experienced some SEO experience.

Optimization of SEO templates:

With the current mainstream CMS to the more popular, the template is more and more, there are more than n new people casually download a template put up, this is a taboo SEO is a problem, do you know a template of SEO optimization will be a core site?

1. Structure of the inner chain

The chain inside the website, I think everybody knows what meaning? Unless your IQ can not predict the low, why to engage in the chain? The inner chain can be said to be very important, when the spider crawling your home page, is crawling along the link, and this link is equivalent to a spider web, it will crawl to the top, When it reaches the top when it touches the link inside the chain, will continue to crawl along the chain, repeatedly go to such work, once the link is gone, the spider will stop working, and then crawl data in the search engine database, so this is very important a problem!

2.Alt and the use of title

Read a lot of websites, even alt and title do not do, then how to optimize it? Every day also said Baidu why not included? and included also no flow, on your This style Baidu Spider went to you there, although get a picture link on a URL, but he did not know the link keyword is what, This is also the use of Alt,alt mean, when you open the Web page, the mouse placed in a picture, there will be a small box, which has a keyword, which is alt, and title is what? This is the text used, when the mouse through the text, you can trigger! Such a structure will allow spiders to recognize!

3. Do not arbitrarily change title page titles!

The author of the previous period of time testing, to see if Baidu will be ranked down, no, before the first key words in Page one, when the change fell to more than 20, after all, the author's website or a new station, can not be compared with the weight of the old station, I suggest you, if you stand the weight is not very high, do not arbitrarily change title page titles! Avoid.

SEO outside the chain of construction:

This is one of the most painful steps, many webmasters do not know how to do outside the chain, to tell the truth the author is not particularly good at, can only think of the way I can now introduce.

1. Soft Text & Tutorials

By writing a soft text, write a tutorial published in the major sites is a very good outside the chain, if reproduced more, then it means you got some good outside the chain!

2. Forum & Blog

Through the UBB code in the forum's [URL], to make casual advertising outside the chain, hey, this recruit seems to be, but still some people do not understand, that is, in a forum, you can use this method to create the chain, and will not let others think it is advertising!

3. Friendship Links

This is also a kind of outside the chain way, but suggest not to do too much ~

4. Make Gadgets

For example Stationmaster Station tool is very good outside chain way, can let stationmaster catch a piece of code hangs on oneself station, show Alexa rank, very give force Oh! method is man-made, as long as your brain open, it is possible that the loess has become gold, there is constant insistence, do not Santian two days!

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