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Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. For SEO we will have a webmaster to share their own technology, in fact, the technology of this piece, seriously spend a few months under the study will be able to understand, many people may feel that SEO technology is very simple, in fact, is not. Say simple actually SEO can really very simple, because SEO is to do four things every day: 1, content update; 2, inside chain construction; 3, outside chain construction; 4, data analysis. But as you dig down, SEO still has a lot to discover and research, and with the search engine ranking technology more mature, SEO is constantly changing, so do a good job seo we have to master some other than the technology of some factors, which is today I want to introduce a point of view.

In fact, there are many factors affecting SEO, technology is only the core of the intrinsic factors, SEO optimization technology is a lot of webmaster research every day, these are pure technology research, are the internal factors of SEO research, although this is a very good direction, but overlooked another aspect of--seo optimization external factors. Many times because of the long-term focus on the internal technical research, a lot of stationmaster only pay attention to the inner skill of SEO, very likely will inadvertently into the "go insane" state, if you are lucky you can release, if unfortunately you will be a long time of sinking in the internal research, and therefore for the external factors of SEO research is not so much input, such as SEO experience of the analysis and summary skills, website SEO data analysis skills, the overall optimization strategy, Web site SEO optimization Resources integration is our site SEO optimization external factors. Today, Chengzhou for everyone to talk about is SEO optimization external factors of the first aspect: resource integration optimization.


SEO Resource Integration optimization

A long time to mix SEO, we will know a word: SEO is to fight the resources. It is true that, what to do, have resources, good things, remember before I also for you to introduce their own resources on the optimization of some skills, here I would like to talk about their own resources to optimize the integration of some ideas.

1, "Ningquewulan" or "all"?

I have a lot of webmaster, they are very similar, these stationmaster is not understand the integration of resources optimization. On a daily basis I find that they have a lot of resources to use, I look at the envy, sometimes want to rob, but look at me and then worry for him, because he put the resources aside, wasted, and then I was sad for him, because he put these resources there for a long time, have grown moldy, Some resources have even been dug away by others. This is a very common phenomenon, I do not exaggerate, a lot of webmaster have resources do not know how to use, or can not be used to maximize the use of resources, here we will talk about the resource integration of a problem: the resources are "Ningquewulan" or "free"?

Resources need to accumulate slowly, this is an ongoing process, I think at the beginning must be done is the resources of all, because at the beginning we need to know some experienced webmaster, looking for some good outside the chain of resources, content resources, these are very short of novice, this time we are like "juvenile" webmaster, The need for rapid growth, we must continue to learn nutrition, whether good or bad, can survive to talk about development. Development to a certain stage, we know more about SEO, found that the friends around are very cattle, we should pay attention to their alignment, this time must pay attention to: Ningquewulan. Take SEO resources in the network, many of the novice webmaster is a lot of problems, if we each have to solve a problem, you will be exhausted, encountered such a webmaster to ask a very basic question, I would suggest that they do their best to do their utmost to study after still don't understand and then ask me, Then if the webmaster came back to ask me questions, then his problem will be more in-depth, I solve his problem at the same time will also learn something, so I can not only teach them the idea of research issues, but also in the follow-up and he formed a very good interaction, can also know that he is a relatively good webmaster, worthy of in-depth exchanges.

2, the network is the biggest resource!

I have always recommended their own webmaster friends to develop their own contacts, because the network is absolutely the largest SEO resources and the most important piece of resources, SEO resources optimization, should be the first network optimization.

Wooden son Chengzhou is very love to write SEO articles, from last year to this year, I wrote at least dozens of articles, because the selected platform is A5, Chinaz such webmaster-intensive site, so there are many sites reproduced my article, to bring me the chain at the same time, because the article QQ brings a lot of contacts, Many friends are through QQ understanding, last year to this year about 1000 friends through the soft Wen added me, although most of them are a conversation, but the precipitation down are very good friends, and some friends gave me a lot of help: first, to help my SEO technology a great upgrade; second, for me to introduce more friends; Third, share their own SEO experience and SEO outside the chain of resources; four, teach me more SEO thinking and profit-making skills seo ... There are a lot of friends continue to help me, affect me, here I am very grateful for their support and advice, I will do the better.

3, SEO content resources and external chain resources optimization

In fact, I contact SEO is not long, a lot of things are in the process of groping, when it comes to the basics, it's also a step by step, talking about the optimization of resource integration, what we need to do is to do it from two aspects: one is their own aspect, find a website content construction and outside the chain construction excavation method; One is through the exchange of their own content with friends outside the chain of resources, mutual subsidy, improve each other.

A, regarding the content construction, wants to grasp the quality the question, need to do a lot, is not a simple pseudo original can be done, we need to understand an industry familiar enough, and then to false original, so that will be more effort, this is the most need to pay attention to each site editor, spend one weeks to understand the industry, You will do better, you can also go to the competitor website or Baidu to know search questions such as website inquiries Professional knowledge.

B, for the outside chain resources optimization, the important is the weight, some people outside the chain tens of thousands of but not even outside the chain of thousands of of the site, this is a reason, so choose the weight of the site is definitely our optimization seo outside the chain resources of choice, this need to accumulate. High-quality outside the chain, not only to see the weight of the main station, but also to see your hair out of the chain of fast, the number of anchor text and diversity do good and so on many aspects.

C, the third aspect is actually a key part of the network, we have to do is in accordance with a, B on the content and external chain optimization requirements for the optimal integration of resources, so that the hands of more resources, better, do the SEO will be more to the force, more effort.

Well, about SEO optimization of the external factors of resource integration optimization Wood Chengzhou introduced here, in fact, there are still a lot of digging, we may wish to organize their own first, there are good ideas and I can communicate, want to communicate with my friends can add my qq:843745641

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