SEO search how to optimize? Detailed SEO optimization of a few small tips

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SEO as a whole is a search engine, the default is free optimization, can be applied in all walks of life an optimization method, then SEO search optimization have what skills? The following small series for everyone to introduce SEO optimization of a few big tips, take a look at it.


In different industries, different areas, different products SEO optimization is a difference, suggest targeted, skilled to do optimization will be more suitable for the operation of the industry.

A, site many times we do SEO optimization is to do peripheral information, or outbound chain operation. Now many peripheral free platform management more and more stringent, for the requirements of the chain is increasingly high, but also in the site generated shielding and automatic deletion function.

At this time to consider is the advantages of different colors of keywords, add different characters or keyword hyperlink jump function will be more practical to optimize.

Second, products mentioned products have to say is the picture, text information and so on. At the same time many people on the network like most of the pictures are mostly, so in doing the promotion of pictures played a big role. You can use the pictures to do the topic, or to do collocation information, can be interesting cartoons can also be a product map to bring information on the line.

Third, the field in different areas of the SEO method will also have a large degree of difference, for the industry, the field to consider optimization is relatively easy. Also said to understand the industry rules, the standardization of network operations, and then to the details of the operation will be easier to master good skills.

From the same fashion field, popular field, industry class to consider SEO optimization skills, practice, mature industry will appear a lot of creative skills.

The above is a few SEO optimization skills introduction, how, we have mastered it? Hope to be helpful to everyone!

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