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Ajax Alliance: Resource download

  • Conquer Ajax-web20 development technology detailed description trial version [PDF electronic download]
  • Quick lane for Ajax beginners [Download PDF]
  • Basic Ajax tutorial [download HTML]
  • Ajax practices-Web getting started [download all source code]
  • Ajax development skills
  • Ajax practice (ajax_in_action) [Download PDF]
  • Website reconstruction [PDF electronic download]
  • Code Daquan 1.01 Chinese version [PDF electronic download]
  • CSS 2.0 manual Chinese version (Sushen light rain Version) [CHM Electronic Version Download]
  • CSS 2.0 style sheet Chinese manual (suyun Version) [CHM Electronic Version Download]
  • For the JScript Language, refer to [CHM electronic download]
  • JavaScript source code V1.0 [CHM electronic download]
  • Javascript authoritative guide [CHM electronic download]
  • For the VBScript language, refer to [CHM electronic download]
  • For XMLHTTP objects, refer to [CHM electronic download]
  • Flash 2004 ActionScript dictionary [CHM electronic download]
  • XML Guide [CHM electronic download]
  • XML learning Manual (English version 2) [CHM Electronic Version Download]
  • Microsoft Windows Script technology [CHM electronic download]
  • Website project management specifications [CHM electronic download]
  • Complete webpage creation manual [CHM electronic download]
  • SQL Language Reference Daquan [CHM electronic download]
  • Form Verification validator V1.0 [CHM electronic download]
  • New WIN32API upload [CHM electronic download]
  • Theoretical knowledge of website design and production [CHM electronic download]

    Ajax Alliance: Standard

    CSS coding specifications
    ASP coding Specification
    PHP coding Specification
    Java coding Specification
    C # Coding specifications
    JSP coding Specification
    Website Technical Specifications
    Webpage creation specifications and procedures
    Professional information website production specifications

    Ajax Alliance: Document tutorial

      • Ajax technology Overview
      • Basic Ajax technology
      • Ajax technology overview and current application
      • Getting started with Ajax Programming
      • Ajax application description and development example
      • How to Learn Ajax step by step
      • Ajax Development
      • How to get started with Ajax
      • Compile a simple album with Ajax
      • Practical application development with Ajax
      • Application of Ajax in PHP Development
      • Atlas Microsoft's Ajax Toolkit
      • Use ajax to control bookmarks and rollback buttons
      • Ajax-based application architecture Summary
      • Ajax chat room
      • Ajax case study: a detailed analysis of Gmail applications
      • Ajax development tools and frameworks
      • How to Implement the most basic Ajax framework
      • Use Ajax + J2EE to implement online conference room System
      • In-depth understanding of Ajax Response Processing
      • How to Implement the most basic Ajax framework
      • Implement Ajax-based unlimited menus
      • Ajax instance: Automatically complete the address information according to the zip code
      • Ajax learning-URL link Overview

    Ajax Alliance: Web2.0

  • Concept Structure of Web 2.0
  • Web 2.0 Learning Guide
  • Ajax technology application in Web 2.0
  • Key to Success of Web 2.0 websites
  • A detailed discussion of Ajax applications in Web2.0
  • Web 2.0 programming ideology: 16 rules
  • Thoughts on starting a website on Web 2.0

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    Ajax Materials
    1. Resource websites

    1. Chinese website
    1) Ajax China (recommended)
    A professional Ajax technology website with clear categories, a large number of electronic tutorials, and Ajax source code downloads!

    2) ajaxcn.org
    Instructor Li's blog. Li Yun: translator of Ajax practice.
    2. Foreign websites
    1) the birth of AJAX
    Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications

    2) Ajax matters
    About Ajax technology, a website with a large amount of information is a bit like TSS In the Ajax world.

    3) Ajax patterns
    Resources related to Ajax design patterns.

    4) http://www.ajaxian.com


    Ii. popular articles

    1. What is Ajax?
    2. Ajax technology Overview


    Iii. Ajax-related download (ebook tutorial/source code)
    1. An electronic version of the Basic Ajax tutorial
    2. An electronic version of Ajax in action in Ajax practice
    3. Ajax Development
    4. Ajax edition cd Management System (JSP)
    5. Alexa Query System (XMLHTTP + Ajax)
    6. ASP. NET + Ajax solves the problem of waiting for the webpage to open
    7. Ajax technology introduction (Ajax demo)


    4. Ajax-related books
    1. Ajax practice (currently the most comprehensive and in-depth work in the Ajax field)
    Www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp? Id = 28433
    2. Ajax basic tutorial (the first book on Amazon computers, 1st Ajax books in China)
    Www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp? Id = 28432
    3. Ajax practices-getting started with Web 2.0 (the preferred book for Ajax from AI to experts)
    Www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp? Id = 29430
    4. Conquer Ajax + Lucene to build a search engine
    Www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp? Id = 29996
    5. Conquer Ajax-Quick Start to Web 2.0 and Project Practice (. NET)
    Www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp? Id = 29995
    6. Ajax development essentials-concepts, cases and frameworks
    Www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp? Id = 30006


    5. Some Technical Articles
    Ajax internal communication document
    Info96.k12studio.com /~ NiO/comments. php? Id = 242_0_1_0_c
    Briefly describe Ajax
    Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications
    Using the xml http request object
    Dynamic HTML and XML: the XMLHTTPRequest object
    Del. icio. us/popular/ajax
    Del. icio. us/popular/ajax
    XMLHttpRequest & Ajax working examples
    Very dynamic web interfaces
    Www.standards-schmandards.com/index.php? 2005/03/01/16 -ajax-and-accessibility
    Ajax and accessibility
    Errors and Ajax
    Ajax patterns: Design Patterns for Ajax usability
    Whitepaper backbase Ajax and beyond
    Www.ajaxpatterns.org/index.php? Title = main_page
    Ajax patterns
    A simpler Ajax path
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    Preliminary Exploration of Ajax technology
    Ajax Learning
    Ajax technology Summary
    Understanding Ajax, Part 1: Ajax Introduction
    Detailed description of Ajax principles (from the IBM developer website)
    Ajax definition and summary
    Thinking in Ajax-based Web Design
    Ajax application demo and source code download
    Demonstration and source code download of 70 popular Ajax applications
    Ajax, Ajax instances, and Ajax Source code (ASP)
    Ajax-based applications Program Architecture Summary
    Simple Ajax Implementation of ASP. netweb applications)
    Use ajax to build an RSS reader

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