DB2 express-c 10.1 Database Installation Problem Resolution

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1. Download a free DB2 software from IBM's official website DB2 express-c and install it before the DB2 installation software on the computer is not license Expiration is not an installation. V8.2 License cannot use the Db2cmd command after it expires .

After installing the DB2 express-c Software, the results of using the local account yanjt2 in the db2cmd window to write commands have been error, should be insufficient authority, looking for a long time.

Local Users and groups can be found inside the group already has dbadmns Group, and has added yanjt2 .

But in the db2cmd command line under the db2set db2_grp_lookup=local,tokenlocal or error.

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Db2set the command in the normal DB2 command line window will error:

C:\Program Files\ibm\sqllib\bin>db2set Db2_compatibility_vector=ora

db21009e must be run with full administrative privileges in the Command window to start this command.

Switch to the DB2 Administrator command-line window (the "Command Window-manager" mentioned in the installation section) to enter the command:

C:\Program Files\ibm\sqllib\bin>db2set Db2_compatibility_vector=ora

View current settings to see that the Db2_compatibility_vector parameter has been set to Ora:

C:\Program Files\ibm\sqllib\bin>db2set







Closing and launching an instance also requires entering commands in the DB2 Administrator command Line window:

C:\Program files\ibm\sqllib\bin>db2stop Force

2012-07-12 20:09:13 0 0 sql1064n db2stop processing succeeded.

sql1064n db2stop processing succeeded.

C:\Program Files\ibm\sqllib\bin>db2start

2012-07-12 20:09:27 0 0 sql1063n db2start processing succeeded.

sql1063n Db2start processing succeeded.

Delete and create a database you can enter commands in the normal DB2 command line window:

C:\Program files\ibm\sqllib\bin>db2 Drop Database Orcl

The SQL1035N database is currently in use. sqlstate=57019

First disconnect the database you want to delete:

C:\Program files\ibm\sqllib\bin>db2 Terminate

Db20000i TERMINATE Command completed successfully.

C:\Program files\ibm\sqllib\bin>db2 Drop Database Orcl

db20000i DROP DATABASE Command completed successfully.

C:\Program files\ibm\sqllib\bin>db2 "CREATE database ORCL using CodeSet UTF-8 TERRiTORY CN pagesize + K"

db20000i CREATE DATABASE Command completed successfully.


Knowing this is due to the new features of the newer DB2 10.1 .

Then open the DB2 command line processor:

Typing commands on this page,db2set db2_grp_lookup=local,tokenlocal Execution Success

Then go back to the normal Db2cmd page to execute the following script for the metabase , you can configure it properly,Yanjt2 has the appropriate permissions.




Download free DB2 installation software, but before downloading, you need to register your IBM account

DB2 express-c 10.1 Database Installation Problem Resolution

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