DB2 v8.2,v9.1,v9.5,v9.7 Download address and detailed installation diagram

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DB2 v8.2,v9.1,v9.5,v9.7 Download Address

The following are the full version of the address containing the patch, including the necessary and co-existing patches (you can deselect the unwanted patches later)

V10 later version of the website is available for download.

DB2 8.2

Windows 32-bit: ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/ps/products/db2/fixes2/english-us/db2winIA32v8/fixpak/FP18_WR21443/FP18_ Wr21443_ese.exe

DB2 9.1

Windows 32-bit: Http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/00vcl/0/v9fp9_win_ese.exe

Windows 64-bit: Http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/00vcw/0/v9fp9_winx64_ese.exe

Windows 64-bit Itanium:http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/cma/ima/00vj9/0/v9fp9_win64_ese.exe

Linux 32-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/00vem/0/v9fp9_linux_ese.tar.gz

Linux 64-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/00vft/0/v9fp9_linuxx64_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

HP Unix 64-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/00ve6/0/v9fp9_hppa_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

DB2 9.5

Windows 32-bit: Http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/02bok/1/v9.5fp7_nt32_server.exe

Windows 64-bit: Http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/02box/1/v9.5fp7_ntx64_server.exe

Linux 32-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/02bnv/0/v9.5fp7_linuxia32_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

Linux 64-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/02bni/0/v9.5fp7_linuxx64_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

Aix 64-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/02bmd/0/v9.5fp7_aix64_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

HP Unix 64-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/02bmr/0/v9.5fp7_hpipf64_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

DB2 9.7

Windows 32-bit: Http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/0152u/1/v9.7fp3a_nt32_universal_fixpack.exe

Windows 64-bit: Http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/01534/1/v9.7fp3a_ntx64_universal_fixpack.exe

Linux 32-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/0152j/1/v9.7fp3a_linuxia32_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

Linux 64-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/01523/1/v9.7fp3a_linuxx64_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

Aix 64-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/0150o/1/v9.7fp3a_aix64_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

HP Unix 64-bit: http://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/IMA/01512/1/v9.7fp3a_hpipf64_universal_fixpack.tar.gz

DB2 Database detailed installation diagram

If you do not have DB2 installation software, then you can download the free trial version on the official website of IBM, the URL is as follows: www-900.ibm.com/cn/software/db2/

Figure 1

The obtained installation file is a compressed package:

Figure 2 Installation of DB2 1, decompression DB2 Install the compression pack

Unzip the obtained DB2 install the tarball:

Figure 3 2, installing DB2 V8.2

Double-click the "setup.exe" file in the installation file directory to start the installation.

Figure 4

First step: First enter the installation interface:

Follow installation steps see------> Illustration: IBM DB2 Installation Complete process (ii)

Moving the mouse to different items on the installation screen will prompt you for different information:

Ø Installation Prerequisites: Displays the hardware and software requirements for installing DB2, prerequisites and installation instructions.

Figure 6

Ø Release Notes: Displays the latest information about this product, including the Readme file for books related to this product.

Figure 7

Ø Install the product: Displays a list of installable products that can be selected from the list.

Figure 8

¨ exit Setup: close this window.

Figure 9

Step Two: Click "Install Product" and go to the Select Install Product interface.

Figure 10

Our demo version has only one option, namely: DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition. Select this item.

Click "Next" to proceed to the next installation.

Figure 11

Step three: The installer enters the "Welcome to the DB2 Installation Wizard" interface. Click "Next".

Figure 12

Fourth step: Install into the "License Agreement" screen, select "I accept all the terms of the license Agreement", otherwise, the installation program will be terminated. Click "Next".

Figure 2.13

Fifth step: Install into the "Select installation Type" interface

Ø Typical installation: The installer is installed according to the default configuration, and you can add features such as "Data Warehouse" or "Satellite management function" in the additional functions section. For most development environments, choose "Typical Installation".

Ø Compression Installation: This type simply installs the DB2 most basic features and functions, performing minimal configuration.

Ø Custom Installation: You can decide for yourself what features and features to install, however, this type requires you to know more about DB2 's features and settings.

We select "Typical Installation" here and click "Next".

Figure 14

Sixth step: The installer goes to the "Select Installation Action" screen

¨ First: Whether the DB2 Enterprise Server version is installed on the computer, this must be selected.

¨ The second item: Whether you save your DB2 settings to the response file during Setup, the saved response can be used on the next installation of DB2, which saves a lot of duplication of effort for large-volume installations in a LAN environment. We don't select it here. Click "Next".

Figure 15

Seventh Step: Install into the "Select installation Folder" interface

Drive: Is the destination disk you want to install DB2, next to the required space for installation, click "Disk Space" to see if the remaining space on the selected drive is sufficient. It is recommended that you do not install to drive C because the data on the C drive will be lost when reinstalling the operating system. Here we choose D drive.

Directory: is the path to install DB2 on the drive you selected, click "Change" to change the path. Click "Next".

Figure 16

Eighth Step: Install the "Set User information for ' DB2 Management Server" interface

¨ domain: You can select the domain name you want to join, this option does not need to be filled out for LAN environments where the domain is not used.

¨ User name: Is the user name you want to establish, in particular, the DB2 account is shared with the operating system's account, and an account established in the DB2 management system appears in the operating system's account list. We recommend that you set the account to Db2admin.

¨ Password: Is the password you want to set for this account. If the Db2admin account already exists in the operating system, the password should be the same as the password set by the user.

¨ Confirm Password: Confirm the password, enter the password entered above again. Click "Next".

Figure 17

Nineth Step: Install into the "Settings Management Contact List" interface.

¨ Manage Contacts list location: The location where the Manage Contacts list is created, both locally and remotely. Local is created in the system, remote is to save the list on another DB2 server.

¨ notifies the SMTP server that the server is the server that receives notifications to the administrative contact, and the SMTP server generally does not need to be set up for the development environment. Click "Next".

Figure 18

Tenth step: Install into a warning screen

This is because the SMTP server is not specified, because we install the development environment, this warning can be ignored, click "OK" to continue.

Figure 19

11th Step: Install into the "Configure DB2 instance" interface

The DB2 instance provides a logical context for executing DB2 commands and SQL statements, and a DB2 instance can create multiple databases, and by default the system creates an instance called "DB2" and clicks "Next".

Figure 20

12th step: Install into the "Prepare DB2 Tool Catalog" interface

What can the DB2 tool catalog do? For example, in a production environment, we often need to monitor the performance of the database during system operation, DB2 performance diagnostic tools often store the monitoring results in the tool catalog database for administrators to use for subsequent statistical analysis. Since we are deploying a development environment, this option does not need to be selected, just click "Next".

Figure 21

13th step: Install into the "Specify contacts for Health Monitor notifications" interface

For a production environment, Health Monitor provides the ability to notify the administrator when an exception occurs in the database system, and since we are installing the development environment, this option does not need to be set up and we choose to defer the task until the installation is complete. Click "Next"

Figure 22

14th Step: Install into the "Enable operating system security for DB2 objects" interface

You can choose whether to enable operating system security, select Yes, and click Next

Figure 23

15th step: Go to the "Start Copying Files" screen

The basic settings for the configuration information required by the Installation wizard are complete. If you want to view or change the parameter settings, click Back and if you are satisfied with the settings, click Install to start the installation.

Figure 2.24

The 16th step: The system enters the installation process, DB2 starts to copy the file and carries on the system parameter setting, this process may last several minutes.

Figure 25

17th step: After the installation files are copied, the system installs into the "Install complete" screen, click "Finish"

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