Download the LAMP + LNMP environment tutorial for free!

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Download the LAMP + LNMP environment tutorial for free!

PlayLinuxIn the Web environment of the server, it is estimated that there is nothing more painful than the source code compiling PHP production environment. n multiple software packages that do not know what to do, and the compilation process is surging in front of the screen, various configuration files and settings that do not know what to do ...... Why? Only Super brother!

When you are the most lonely and helpless, and you are the most eager for warmth, super brother is willing to make a big white around you, after careful planning and desperate recording, super brother finally completedThe bestXOfLAMP + LNMPEnvironment Building video tutorial! The most logical step-by-step solution for you, to avoid the setup and configuration of the metaphysical real enterprise service deployment, a total of 24 sets of detailed, comprehensive, clear, and cool explanations, LOOK --

1.1Web server architecture-LAMP environment-construction idea

1.2Web server architecture-LAMP environment-preparations

1.3Web server architecture-LAMP environment-auxiliary software installation

1.4.1 Web server architecture-LAMP environment-LAMP architecture (1)

1.4.2 Web server architecture-LAMP environment-LAMP architecture (2)

1.4.3 Web server architecture-LAMP environment-LAMP architecture (3)

1.5.1 Web server architecture-LAMP environment-test and build PHPCMS (1)

1.5.2 Web server architecture-LAMP environment-test and build PHPCMS (2)

2.1Web server architecture-Apache configuration-overview

2.2Web server architecture-Apache configuration-basic configuration

2.3Web server architecture-Apache configuration-home directory and permissions

2.4Web server architecture-Apache configuration-directory alias

2.5Web server architecture-Apache configuration-user authentication

2.6Web server architecture-Apache configuration-virtual host

2.7Web server architecture-Apache configuration-Rewrite

2.8Web server architecture-Apache configuration-common sub-configuration files

3.1Web server architecture-LNMP construction-Nginx introduction

3.2.1 Web server architecture-LNMP build (1)

3.2.2 Web server architecture-LNMP build (2)

3.3Web server architecture-LNMP build-LNMP service management method

3.4Web server architecture-LNMP build-Nginx configuration file

3.5Web server architecture-LNMP build-VM

3.6Web server architecture-LNMP build-Rewrite

3.7Web server architecture-LNMP construction-server load balancer


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