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In Windows, we are used to using FlashXFTP, an FTP File Transfer tool, to upload website webpage files. It is also very convenient for FlashXFTP to download website webpage files. In Ubuntu linux, which FTP upload tool is better? Recommended by manyFileZilla. Let's take a look at how this FileZilla works.

FileZilla is a free FTP tool. This includes FileZilla Client and FileZilla Server. FileZilla Server only provides windows versions. To upload a local website webpage file to the website server or download a webpage file from the server, you only need the FileZilla Client Version.

Select one of i586 or x86_64 based on your CPU system. The command for viewing your Linux system information is: uname-a, which displays i686 GNU/Linux and other system information. By the way, terminal commands for viewing linux cpu information under Ubuntu are available: cat/proc/cpuinfo or more/proc/cpuinfo; view the Ubuntu version: sudo lsb_release-. A later version of the computer system can use a later version of The FileZilla Client, such as i686 can choose to download the FileZilla_3.3.2_i586-linux-gnu.tar.bz2 version.

FileZilla Installation

After the FileZilla Client is downloaded, decompress the package and run the following command:

Tar jxvf '/home/farlee/download/FileZilla_3.3.2_i586-linux-gnu.tar.bz2 ′

(Note: You can directly drag the file directory to the terminal window ).

After FileZilla is decompressed, the entire decompressed folder is in the current user folder of your home directory by default, such as/home/farlee/FileZilla3. Run FileZilla directly on CD to this directory,

CD command: cd '/home/farlee/FileZilla3/bin'; install FileZilla:./filezilla.

FileZilla Configuration

After installation, FileZilla configuration is also very simple, just like FlashXFTP, file-Site Manager-add site-set site name at Will-enter your host address or IP address-enter the user name and password-connect.

For convenience, you can place a FileZilla shortcut on the desktop:

CD to the application directory: cd/usr/share/applications

Create a new desktop shortcut file: sudo gedit filezilla. desktop

Add the following code to the filezilla. desktop file:

  1. [Desktop Entry]  
  3. Encoding=UTF-8  
  5. Name=FileZilla  
  7. Comment=Ftp Client  

Exec =/home/farlee/FileZilla3/bin/filezilla // note here to change to your own filezilla installation directory ( /)

Icon =/home/farlee/FileZilla3/share/pixmaps/filezilla.png // change it to your own filezilla Security

Terminal = false: Install the Icon image address in the directory

  1. Type=Application  
  3. Categories=Application;Network;  
  5. StartupNotify=true 

Save and exit. Copy to desktop shortcut: cp filezilla. desktop ~ /Desktop

You can also right-click FileZilla in the app Internet in the upper left corner of the desktop:

Add this initiator to the desktop.

After filezilla is installed and connected to ftp, files and directories with Chinese names cannot be seen. Perform the following settings:

On the site manager-> Character Set Tab, select "use custom Character Set" and enter "GBK" in the text box ". Solve the problem.

It is still quite easy to use. gftp shows a total of problems. If this software was used last time, it would not delete all resources because it solved the character set problem.

Of course, in Ubuntu linux, in addition to FileZilla FTP upload tools, other FTP tools are also very useful, such as lftp, and use the terminal command sudo apt-get install gftp in Ubuntu to directly download and use the gftp tool, which is also very convenient to use.

Through the description of FileZilla FTP, we can know that FileZilla is a very useful FTP tool. I hope you can use it more!

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