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Megabyet Free Cpanel Hosting program specifications:

Free hosting Program

Price: $0.00 (Completey lifetime free!) )

Disk space: 1600 MB or 160 GB (with plenty of space to create a rich graphics page of thousands of pages.) )

Bandwidth: 150,000 MB or GB (enough bandwidth to support transfer or millions of clicks on your Web page or downloads. )

Additional fields: 6 (such as add your own domain name is simple and fast. )

Sub-domain: 6 (create more points, such as free domain name).

E-mail: PHP sendmail enabled (registered email, etc.). Can be sent from your website, pops/SMTP is upgraded. )

MySQL Database tutorial: 3 (forums, blogs and other ' dynamic ' sites all need a MySQL database. )

FTP Account: 2 (FTP is the most convenient and efficient way to upload files to the server, we give out two free FTP account!) )

Free Domain name: Free sub domain name (such as free subdomain), you can add more areas of your own. )

Control Panel: Section 11 cpanel (the word famous cpanel V11 's control Panel is available free of charge to you! )

Advertising/Banners on your page: 100% lifetime free ads (we will place banners on your pages, text links, pop-up windows or any form of branch/AD. )

Site Builder √ (non-HTML skills need to use this Site Builder to create a custom site within minutes.) )

Free Technical Support √ (we have experienced people who can answer your questions and help.) )

Run time: 99.9% (99.9% uptime is to provide redundant hardware and enhanced Linux configuration.) )

PHP √ (the latest version of PHP is in descending order at all our servers to ensure optimal security and compatibility.) )

Back to the collapse of the Andy Drum √ (installer, you get the back to the disco drum luxury full-featured, installed by the Forum administrator to worship the car, blog etc in a few seconds!) )

Custom error page √ (custom page visitors can see when missed, enter the URL or click the link is not valid.) )

Password-protected folder √ (add password to protect your domain or a specific folder in your site/area to stop unauthorized access.) )

Application Address:

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