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FrontPage FrontPage is also a commonly used software that I often use to update my site. Microsoft has not let us down, and FrontPage XP contains many new features. It's clear that FrontPage XP is a new concept. I would like to remind you that the original FrontPage was not made by Microsoft. In 1996, Microsoft felt that the Internet was an irreversible trend, so it bought the web-editing software from another company. Since then, FrontPage has been rolling out a new version, one better than the other. FrontPage provides a variety of effective solutions that change the way users work. FrontPage 95 and 97 are slow, and the user interface is not very friendly. FrontPage 98 began to improve, and then FrontPage 2000 did well, and it was able to handle HTML code very accurately, avoiding conflict issues. For the Microsoft FrontPage Development team, FrontPage XP is a big challenge and they have been successful.

First, FrontPage XP site building and management
Start FrontPage XP, select Menu "File/new", and then click the Web page or site command option. In the new page or Web task pane, click Web Site template in new from template.

ii. Editing of FrontPage XP Web pages
After the last study, presumably reader friends have mastered the use of FrontPage XP to establish and manage the site, then the establishment of a site, the next job is the reader's friends most concerned about the production and editing of the Web page.

three, the layout of FrontPage XP Web page
Make a beautiful web page, inseparable from the overall layout of the Web page design, the design of the Web page layout is reasonable or not, directly affect the beauty of the page. Web page layout design generally use tables and frameworks, the use of tables is relatively more common, this time we take tables and frames as an example, to see how to arrange the layout of the Web page.

iv. Application of the FrontPage XP style sheet
FrontPage XP ensures that users can design Web pages that are compatible with different browsers, and that the style sheet (CSS) feature provided is one of them. FrontPage XP uses style sheets to widen or tighten font spacing for page elements, set paragraph indents and paragraph spacing, set borders and shading, and more.

v. Design of FrontPage XP forms
Forms in the production process of the site is more common, for example, we apply for free e-mail or personal homepage, need to fill out some personal information, such as user name, password, password information and so on, the tool to collect this information is the form.

vi. FrontPage XP make multimedia Web page
In the production of an illustrated Web page, many readers also want to let their own web page to play music, video and other multimedia files, this time we have to see how to make multimedia Web pages, we need to remind friends that in the Web page embedded multimedia files will affect the speed of downloading Web pages, So be careful when inserting audio or video into your Web page.

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