Management tasks that can be completed by the DB2 Management Server

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The DB2 Management Server plays an important role in the DB2 database system. The following describes in detail the management tasks that can be completed by the DB2 Management Server for your reference.

DB2 Management Server (DAS) is a control point that is only used to assist tasks on DB2 database instances. If you want to use the provided tools, such as the control center, the Discovery Function of the configuration assistant automatic cataloguing database, and the scheduling function of the task center, you must have a running DAS. Once the DAS is created, the value of the DB2 global configuration file registry variable DB2ADMINSERVER is used as the name of the DAS.

DAS assists the DB2 tool with the following management tasks:

Allows remote management of DB2 database instances.

Provides tools for job management, including the ability to schedule DB2 database managers and run operating system command scripts. These command scripts are user-defined.

Use the task center to define Job Scheduling for remote or local jobs of DAS, view the results of completed jobs, and execute other management tasks.

Together with the DB2 Discovery utility, you can find information about DB2 instances, databases, and other DB2 Management Servers. The configuration assistant and control center use this information to simplify and automatically execute the connection Configuration between the client and the DB2 database.

DAS includes a scheduler to run tasks defined by the applicable task center, such as DB2 databases and operating system command scripts ). Task information, such as the command to be run, the arrangement, notification, and completion operations associated with the task, and the running results are stored in a group of tables and views called the tool directory in the DB2 database. The tool directory is created as part of the installation. You can also use the "control center" or the CLP to create and activate it using the createmedils CATALOG command.

The following lists some commands used to manage the DAS service:


DB2ADMIN STOP: Used to terminate the DAS.

DASICRT: Create a DAS in a UNIX environment.

Dasiddrop: Delete the DAS in a UNIX environment.

DB2ADMIN: CREATE creates a DAS in a Windows environment.

DB2ADMIN: DROP to delete the DAS in Windows.

DB2 get admin cfg: used to display the Database Manager configuration of the DAS.

DB2 update admincfg: parameters used to change the configuration file of the Database Manager of the DAS must be executed after the DB2ADMINSTOP and DB2ADMINSTART commands are executed ).

DB2 reset admin cfg: used to set the configuration parameters of DAS to the default value. It takes effect only after the DB2ADMINSTOP and DB2ADMINSTART commands are executed ).

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