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What is Web page making?

Web page production is based on the page effect map, it is implemented as a browser can be browsed Web pages. We've used or listened to a lot of web-making tools that people have introduced. FrontPage,Dreamweaver,goliveand so on, these are the web design software we usually know, andFrontPageThere is no doubt an easy-to-use, powerful web-making tool. NowFrontPagereleased a new version that he was still andOfficerolled together, but unlike ever, the new versionOfficeThe series software is no longer named after the year, and the new naming method is used,MicroSoftThe company namedOffice XP,XPis a wordExperienceabbreviation for ("Experience"). So here's what we're introducing.FrontPage XP. There is no doubt that the following Web-making process will be a different experience from the past.

Preliminary Design-New site

    • Start FrontPage XP , if this is the first time you start FrontPage XP , you'll find a new version of FrontPage Some changes have been made to the user interface, and on the right there is a task window that occupies almost one-fifth of the screen (figure I), focusing on some of the main commands that will change depending on how you operate. In fact,every application inOffice XP , from Outlook to Publisher, has a taskbar.


Figure One FrontPage XP interface

    • we choose a blank site, because we need to build a site, not just a page, of course, we are in the process of building the site need to add a page, of course, is to choose to create a blank page. Then pop up the Web site Template window, in fact, many templates to choose from, such as: personal site, company display site, customer support sites and so on, the template are very good choice. For the sake of simplicity, we choose the personal site, figure two is the site template established with the personal site page.


Figure II page of a site created with a personal site template

    • let's first switch to the Hyperlink view state to see FrontPage XP is how to design the entire site.


Figure Three Hyperlinks view

The tree structure on the left lists all the pages and can be expanded and shrunk by pressing the plus and minus signs. The right lists the connections for the current page, and can also be extended and shrunk by pressing the plus and minus signs.

Basic elements-text, hyperlinks, images


    • Create a new page first, or start with a blank page.


    • The first is the setting of the page properties, right click on the page, select the page properties, and of course you can select the file in the main menu. -> property, and then you can set the page properties in the dialog box that pops up, as shown in Figure four.


The general settings are the page title, location, background music, and the scripts used, and so on, background colors, pictures, and the color of the links, and so on; margins are set by page margins, and so on, and custom variables and language options can be set.

    • text on the site's application is the most extensive, a content-enriched site will inevitably use a lot of text, and how to edit these texts has become the first issue before us. In the past in HTML writing, often to consider the text before and after the HTML tags, this is really a problem. In FrontPage XP , however, this has become a simple matter. We simply add a few characters to the page, and then we can change the character's properties through the toolbar, and so on, everything is like working in Word .


Figure five formatting the character properties toolbar

For specific character property settings, you can right-click on the character you want to set, and then select the font, and you can see a more robust font setting option.

    • If you feel that such a set is not standardized, or too annoying, their lazy hands, FrontPage XP also provides you with a convenient way--set the theme, in FrontPage XP , the number of topics a user can use is the A. Each theme has a different appearance and style, including buttons, backgrounds, fonts, and so on. Not only can users apply a theme to a Web page, but they can also use a theme throughout the site. And, now that FrontPage XPhas more maneuverability, you can modify these theme styles as you wish.


Figure six Theme Style

    • of course, for the character, we can also give him a hyperlink, select the character after the right button, select the hyperlink, and then in the Hyperlink Settings dialog box you can make FrontPage XP The hyperlink settings are more than any one version of the FrontPage be strong, even better than Dreamweaver and other tools are much better.


Figure Seven Hyperlink settings

You can set the current folder, browsed pages, and recently used files, and can be bookmarks in a document, a new document, an e-mail address, and, of course, a direct page address. We set it up here as a Http://

    • for any content on the page, we can add dynamic HTML effects, select the characters you want to add effects to, pictures, and so on, and then select Format in the main menu -> Dynamic HTML effect, and then you can set the specific DHTML effect, the format is in (select an event) application (select an effect) (select a setting).


Figure Eight Dynamic HTML effects

for the transition of the page, the format of the main menu -> can also be set in a Web page transition. Do not underestimate this small dynamic HTML Effect and web transition, if appropriate, he can add a lot to your Web page.

  • in web design, graphics do not simply express a message or meaning, you can also express the style of a website, strengthen the characteristics of the site. FrontPage XP offers a lot of painting tools, and it's customary to use Word and PowerPoint Users must not be unfamiliar with these drawing tools. Users can also use the office Clipboard to paste pictures made in other office applications into FrontPage XP . in FrontPage XP , You can't directly make files that are currently used in GIF,JPEG , and other formats on the Web. , but can indirectly insert other software to make good files. Select from the main menu



the above we introduce is FrontPage XP The basic elements of the page-text, links, image file production, starting from below, we introduce is FrontPage XP Some of the advanced technologies in. Although called advanced technology, they are still easy to implement in FrontPage XP .

A new decoration-the use of advanced technology

    • We first add a page banner at the top of the page, which is to choose Insert in the main menu . -> page banner, and then select the picture. Then we can see a string of characters on the page "[ Add this page to the Navigation view to display the page banner here ]", we switch to Navigation view, We drag the page from the left Folder List to the right side of the navigation, you can see that there is a dashed line out, this represents the location of the navigation.


Figure Nine Navigation view

Then switch back to Page view to see that the original character has changed. The "new experience" here is the title of the page we set up earlier.

Figure 10 Page Banner effect

    • FrontPage XP can be inserted in the form has improved, the type can be inserted as shown in Figure 11, some of the other web tools are difficult to achieve the results can be done through a very simple operation, such as file upload, just imagine, if the Dreamweaver What would you do with the effect? In FrontPage xp , of course, you just need to click a button, and all the rest is left to FrontPage xp .


The lower-left corner of Figure 11 shows the display of the inserted file's form, which can be set after the form is selected by the form's properties to be submitted to a file, a Email address, either directly into the database, or submitted to a ASP , and you can set parameters by using options.

    • The significance of tables in web design is far from the understanding of table applications in general concepts, and its greatest use is to control page elements and make page layouts more sequential orderly. In addition to the dynamic HTML layer, the table is the only tool that can display page elements as required by the designer. The table operation in FrontPage XP is as simple as working in Word . If you are familiar with the table in Word , then the table in FrontPage XP is simple, and if you're unfamiliar with it, it doesn't matter, because it's really easy. All of the settings for the table are in the table settings in the main menu. As shown in Figure 12.


as we all know,FrontPageeach new version will introduce new or enhanced featuresWEBcomponent, inFrontPage XPis no exception,FrontPage XPof theWEBcomponents are unparalleled, unheard of, through these powerfulWEBcomponent, users can quickly add advanced technology to a Web page. The new parts include picture library, link bar, save to database, automatic webpage content, etc. UseFrontPage XPof these advanced technologies, users do not have to do complex programming can achieve professional results, save a lot of time. In addition to these new components above,FrontPage XPa number of new tools have been added, such as: Automatic Web content, active discussion board, dynamic online questionnaire, access analysis, Top list, enhanced reporting capabilities and so on. It is these tools that make the heavy work of webmasters easier. The function of the picture library is simple and easy to use and powerful, so let's take a look at how the picture library is used.

    • in the main menu, select Insert ->web Component -> Picture Library, and then choose a slide layout. FrontPage XP provides us with four gallery layouts: horizontal choreography, montage, slide choreography, and vertical choreography. All four of these methods are created by FrontPage XP , and do not require manual operation. Then in the picture library properties, first add the images that we intend to display on this page, and for these images, we can define in advance the order in which they appear in the entire image library, which is achieved by moving up and down. And, for each picture, we can add a title, and we can define the way the title is displayed.



    • In the main menu of the file select Browser Preview, and then choose to use the browser and resolution, click the preview, you can see our page in the browser.


Figure 13 Page Preview

As you can see, the top of the page is the preview small picture, below is the big image. Thumbnails are arranged in rows and can scroll left and right, while the picture selected above is displayed in full size in the center below.

    • in the FrontPage XP There are also useful web-page tools, such as recalculation of hyperlinks and web optimization. the huge size of pages in FrontPage in the previous version is useless in FrontPage XP and they don't exist anymore. You only need to perform a Web optimization, you can see in the report that your page has become a lot smaller. In FrontPage XP You only need a simple click to complete the conversion between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese pages. So you no longer need to worry about the tedious task of making multi-language websites.


Build a Paradise

a brilliant web creator, not only want to create a beautiful page, but also want to generate the most streamlined and efficient HTML source code. And this is a gift from FrontPage XP, you can control the source code directly, you can control the whole, you can feel the Web page to write all the fun. FrontPage XP is a lively elf, it listens to you to command, listens to you to tell each one dream. To create a new paradise for you !

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