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  • 1. What is MongoDB?
  • 3. MongoDB hands-on experience sharing
  • 4. MongoDB and open-source projects
  • 5. MongoDB client and tool set
  • 7. MongoDB performance and Optimization
  • 9. MongoDB news


1. What is MongoDB?
  • MongoDB introduction PPT sharing
  • Two slides on MongoDB GridFS
  • First knowledge of MongoDB GridFS
  • Introduction to MongoDB GridFS
  • A NoSQL and MongoDB introduction PPT
  • MongoDB: Next-generation MySQL?
  • Introduction to MongoDB for Python programmers
  • Another MongoDB tutorial for Python programmers
  • MongoDB source code Research Series
  • Vernacular MongoDB articles
  • MongoDB Tailable Cursors features
  • MongoDB Document Reading Notes-elegant NoSQL
  • Advantages and disadvantages of MongoDB
  • Auto-sharding useless theory: auto-sharding vs. manual-sharding
  • MongoDB articles
  • MongoDB MapReduce
  • Mongodb Mapreduce
  • MongoDB Chinese introduction PPT
  • MongoDB tutorials
  • [Translation] MongoDB getting started tutorial
  • Introduction to NoSQL and getting started with MongoDB
  • Getting started with MongoDB (PHP client)
  • Simple MongoDB
2. MongoDB internal implementation
  • Internal Structure of MongoDB data files
  • MongoDB internal structure From MongoDB The Definitive Guide
  • Internal Implementation of MongoDB Indexes
  • In-depth MongoDB Internal Structure
  • 10gen engineers talk about database index implementation
  • Implementation principle of MongoDB geographic location index
  • MongoDB index usage and indexing mechanism
  • Rebuild cache that cannot be ignored
  • Linux virtual memory implementation principle
  • MongoDB data cache refresh Mechanism
  • MongoDB and memory
  • BSON features and MongoDB Optimization Based on its features
  • Description of MongoDB paddingFactor
  • In-depth analysis of MongoDB Tailable Cursors
  • Design Idea of globally unique ID in MongoDB Document
  • Detailed description of MongoDB Compact operations
  • MongoDB JavaScript Performance
  • Test MongoDB JavaScript Driver
  • MongoDB vs Cassandra
  • Comprehensive comparison between MongoDB and CouchDB
  • 10 things you may not know about MongoDB
  • MongoDB Distributed Data Storage System
  • MongoDB Cluster
  • Comparison between Riak and MongoDB
3. MongoDB hands-on experience sharing
  • Foursquare's 11-hour downtime
  • Foursquare's MongoDB storage practices
  • Foursquare Data Analysis System (Hadoop + Hive + Redis + MongoDB)
  • Foursquare: Three architectures using MongoDB Replica Sets
  • Visual path to NoSQL in China: From MySQL to MongoDB
  • Mongomongodb's application in the big data volume
  • Craigslist's experience and lessons in migrating 2 billion data to MongoDB
  • MongoDB optimization experience of Localytics
  • Wordnik: Using MongoDB to build a relational graph
  • MongoDB usage experience of Wordnik
  • MongoDB optimization practices for MongoSV2011-Wordnik
  • MongoDB application in SourceForge
4. MongoDB and open-source projects
  • Build a real-time log Collection System Using Fluentd + MongoDB
  • Karait: A Message Queue built using MongoDB Capped Collection
  • MongoDB-Log: MongoDB-based Log System
  • MongoPress: an open-source CMS for MongoDB and PHP
  • Shooter branch project-MongoDB-based Open Source short URL Service
  • Short: an open-source short domain name project combining Node. js and MongoDB
  • MongoDB-based GridFS Image Storage
  • Graylog2: an open source syslog Storage System Using MongoDB
  • Using MongoDB to build an intelligent data stream filtering system
  • Use MongoDB to store web. py sessions
5. MongoDB client and tool set
  • MongoDB management tools
  • MongoDB MagicMongoDBTool usage
  • Synchronization tool from MySQL to MongoDB
  • MongoDB tcpdump tool: mongosniff
  • MongoLive: Real-Time MongoDB monitoring in Chrome
  • Mongoid: A MongoDB Ruby ODM package
  • MongoDB client Selection
  • Use MongoDB in CakePHP
  • How to Use Python to call MongoDB
  • PHP and MongoDB: class libraries, frameworks, and tools
  • MongoDB Development in Practice [no basic learning, with a complete example]
  • Use Bucardo to synchronize data from PostgreSQL to MongoDB
  • Integer problems and countermeasures when operating MongoDB in PHP
  • MongoDB client upgrade Vue in Windows
  • Mongodb c ++ started
  • Mtop-top commands for MongoDB
6. MongoDB application tutorial
  • Replacing RabbitMQ with MongoDB
  • Comparison between MySQL and MongoDB design instances
  • MongoDB Security
  • MongoDB REST Api Introduction
  • Build a MapReduce Computing System Using MongoDB + Hadoop
  • Security Warning: A simple MongoDB Injection
  • QCon Beijing 2011 conference: MongoDB development and application practices
  • Another Slide of MongoDB Schema Design
  • MongoDB Schema Design
  • Apsaradb for mongodb
  • From MySQL to MongoDB (add MongoDB to insert data cyclically)
  • Usage of indexes in MongoDB
  • Document Database Design Mode-how to store tree data
  • Mongo Beijing 2011 Slide sharing-From MySQL To MongoDB
7. MongoDB performance and Optimization
  • In-depth MongoDB skills
  • MongoDB Capacity Planning
  • Optimize Your MongoDB in five steps
  • MongoDB index data type optimization, saving 60% of memory
  • MongoDB Performance Optimization-connection Optimization
  • Top 10 MongoDB performance optimization indicators
  • How to solve the problem that MongoDB's PHP extension does not support 64-bit Integers
  • MongoDB1.6 and latest 1.8 performance tests-write
  • Record MongoDB performance issues once, with Principle Analysis
  • Performance testing of hundreds of millions of MongoDB data volumes
  • Use Pre-Splitting to improve MongoDB Auto-Sharding Efficiency
8. MongoDB deployment, O & M, and monitoring
  • MongoDB running status, performance monitoring, analysis
  • Use Cacti to monitor MongoDB and Redis
  • 10 Gen releases the MongoDB Monitoring System MMS (attached tutorial)
  • MongoSpy, MongoWatch, and MongoDB Data Compression
  • Warning: Considerations for MongoDB Replica Sets Configuration
  • MongoDB deployment and O & M
  • MongoDB Administration
  • MongoDB cluster hardware guide-build your database cluster on EC2 and EBS
  • MongoDB Auto-Sharding Problems
  • Compressing MongoDB data files
  • Monitor your MongoDB (Extract from MongoSV)
  • Why do we need Replica Sets with more than 7 nodes?
  • Simple setup tutorial for MongoDB Replica Sets
  • MongoDB backup mode
  • Mongo Database Profiler
9. MongoDB news
  • Use MongoDB or not? Miserable user PK 10gen CTO
  • Limitations and limitations of MongoDB
  • 10gen received $20 million in financing led by Sequoia Capital
  • Mongo Search: a Chrome plug-in for searching MongoDB documents
  • MongoDB cloud service price comparison
  • Looking at MongoDB from Google Trends, Beijing ranks first
  • Monugly: A simple MongoDB Teaching Website
  • Cinderella provides support for MongoDB and Redis
  • * The next-generation LAMP of nix, node. js, and MongoDB
  • MongoDB Ruby client upgrades, greatly improving performance
  • Sort fr Conference highlights: videos and slides
  • MongoDB1.9.1 new features: prompt optimization PS1 ++



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