PDF data anti-proliferation system solution, pdf anti-proliferation Solution

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PDF data anti-proliferation system solution, pdf anti-proliferation Solution

In the process of enterprise informatization, a large number of important enterprise drawings and materials exist in the form of electronic documents. To avoid the leakage of important internal data, multiple methods are adopted: design the Department's access control, firewall, and prohibit computer USB interfaces. However, the leakage problem still occurs from time to time because there are too many channels for leakage of electronic documents, which solves the problem of illegal access by external personnel, but cannot solve the problem of secondary transmission caused by internal personnel of electronic documents, blocking is difficult to protect data security.

We have developed a set of PDF data anti-proliferation system software for customers' needs. It is a software system that sets the reading times, reading periods, and printing times for PDF files. In system deployment, the sub-server-side document management system and the client reading software system. The server-side document management system supports PDF Document Upload, warehouse receiving, encryption, adding watermarks, document permission management, and personnel permission management. It supports reading and printing documents throughout the process. The client uses our self-developed PDF reader. In addition to reading functions, it also supports printing copies, full screen watermarks to protect copyright of documents, anti-copy, automatic deletion of expired documents, and other functions. Beijing hongyingfeng software Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research of PDF document format since 10 years ago. The product covers the reading, writing, conversion, browsing, encryption and Protection of PDF files. Our original intention is to allow Chinese users not only to enjoy the latest PDF technology, but also to use it. Because we have our own technologies, our products are also more advantageous and distinctive. Function introduction PDF, as the main form of web page publishing, has been widely used and promoted with the development of the Internet industry. From version 1.0 to version 1.7, each version update is accompanied by a corresponding technological innovation. In terms of security, from the earliest 40-bit encryption to the later 128-bit encryption and AES encryption algorithm, to the current digital signature technology, we can say that the user needs are implemented one by one. 1. PDF conversion because of the superiority of the PDF format, different file formats (text or images) are converted into PDF. During the conversion process, you can add protection functions such as printing, editing, and modification to the PDF file so that the generated file can only be used for browsing. 2. PDF editing in order to be different from other companies' PDF files, you can use watermarks, seals, signatures, annotations, and other methods to perform special processing on PDF files to enhance the anti-counterfeiting function and restrict playback. 3. PDF browsing can be opened in both a general browser and a custom browser. You can restrict browsing on a PC or within a specified period of time. 4. PDF printing monitors the printing process through the network, which can be output on a printer or the number of printing times. The implementation method of the PDF anti-proliferation function can be achieved through the company's existing PDF Processing database, or a slight modification based on user needs. 1. PDF conversion starts applications in the background, and uses the PDF virtual print driver (HYF PDFDriver4.0) to implement bulk conversion of document formats. You can also set the PDF version, user password, and whether printing, editing, and modification are supported. Supported conversion formats include OFFICE documents, JPG, TIFF, GIF, TXT, XML, and htm documents. 2. You can add watermarks to PDF files in batches and set the number and layout of watermarks. The watermark can be text or image, and supports transparent effects. Supported image formats include BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG. The implementation of electronic stamps is the same as watermarking. You can add text and graphic information to a PDF file through the PDF comment library. Through the PDF electronic signature library, you can add the author's signature information to the PDF, and the recipient can browse with the public key. The sender can use the private key to verify whether the file has been modified. 3. PDF browsing the PDF generated by conversion is a standard PDF, which can be opened and read in popular cutting browsers on the market, such as Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, and Apabi. If you want to restrict reading, you can also process the PDF into a special PDF, which can be read through the company's own ghost browser, but cannot be opened in other browsers. By transmitting network messages, once the authorization ID information is confirmed, it is impossible to use other PCs for browsing. Because of the special browser, you can also restrict time browsing. Currently, you can run Java scripts to achieve this. 4. PDF printing: The printing management module deployed on the server monitors the entire process of printing. It not only optimizes printing resources, but also reads Client ID information. This information can be printed and output directly as the watermark information. It can also be described in detail in the printed log to back up the file. The control of the number of prints is also quite simple. The above scheme can be modified and supplemented according to the user's actual needs. For the products involved, refer to the relevant technical instructions.
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There is no digital copyright protection system or PDF anti-proliferation system for Baidu Library to solve this national issue.

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