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Collected some of IBM's official PHP resources, reproduced in the same PHP as I share with beginners. Present:


Introduction to PHP

Installation of XAMPP for easy integration and development

Source Control
Create a blog from scratch using PHP and Subversion


Learn PHP
Get started with PHP V5 objects
Learning php with PHP, Part One
Learning PHP, part two
learning PHP, the third section
developing robust code in PHP, part 1th
Developing robust code in PHP, part 2nd: Effectively using variable
to develop robust code in PHP, part 3rd: Writing Reusable functions--take full advantage of functions
PHP cases Urealyticum, part 1th: Easy webzine editing and sending
PHP cases urealyticum, part 2nd: In-depth research webzine Edit and send

advanced PHP
Advanced PHP V5 objects br> using PHP to build a Web service
drawing images in PHP
A clever way to create graphics using PHP
How to use regular expressions in PHP
in conjunction with PHP using HTML forms
to read and write XM in PHP L DOM
Access the enterprise application through PHP script

PHP design
MVC pattern, class encapsulation or hacker code?? Reasonable design PHP project

PHP application

Build a search Optimization application using PHP, part 1th: Getting Started
decorating php apps with OpenLaszlo, part 1th: Creating an Interactive interface
with Openlasz Lo decorate the PHP application, part 2nd: PHP REST and data binding
decorate PHP apps with OpenLaszlo, part 3rd: Add a database
build a small Network defense system using Snort and PHP
use PHP to make W EB data analytics Go higher-Design your data analysis and do more than simple primitive counting
simple linear regression with PHP: Part 1th-The importance of math libraries in PHP
simple linear regression with PHP, part 2nd-Resolving output and probability letters Data research tools for number defects

Commissioning and monitoring
Debugging Techniques for PHP programmers


IBM Database Server
Using DB2 UDB for application development
Developing IBM Cloudscape and DB2 Universal database applications with PHP
Connect PHP to DB2 and Cloudscape via PDO
Zend Core for IBM Technical roadmap
Zend Core for ibm-php Developer Guide
DB2 EXPRESS-C:IBM offers free meals

IBM Web and application servers
Deploying a PHP application on IBM HTTP Server
IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal: using PHP and Java EE to implement a common WEB application infrastructure
Running the PHP application in Apache Geronimo

Third-party services
Developing applications using WEB services and ebay SDK part 1th: Building an ebay search engine
Developing applications using WEB services and ebay SDK part 2nd: Building an ebay search engine using the ebay SOAP API
Create a Web storefront with PHP, Derby, and PayPal, part 1th: Set up a base database
Create a Web storefront with PHP, Derby, and PayPal, part 2nd: Collect payments
Create a Web storefront with PHP, Derby, and PayPal, part 3rd: Set up orders, shipping, and email
Create Amazon Storefront in PHP, part 1th: Get content with Amazon ECS


Introduction to PHP Service data Objects
How to make your PHP application into a chat bot
Choose the most appropriate template in the PHP world

PEAR (PHP Extension and application Repository)
PEAR Introduction: Use PEAR to write your next PHP program
PEAR Introduction: Common Modules
PEAR Profile: Easily build your PEAR documents with PHPDOC
PEAR Introduction: Creating an intermediate database application layer
PEAR Practice: Implementation of MVC mechanism in PHP


Ensure the security of your PHP application
Audit PHP, part 1th: Understanding Register_globals

PHP Zend Framework

Understanding the Zend Framework, part 1th: Fundamentals--Introduction to Zend framework
Understanding the Zend Framework, part 2nd: Model-View-controller and add database
Understanding the Zend Framework, part 3rd: Feeds (RSS)
Understanding the Zend Framework, Part 4: Using zend_http_client to get content without feeds
Understanding the Zend Framework, part 5th: Creating PDF Files
Understanding the Zend Framework, part 6th: Sending e-mail
Understanding the Zend Framework, part 7th: Search
Understanding the Zend Framework, part 8th: Adding relevant information and services
Understanding the Zend Framework, part 9th: adding interactivity with Ajax and JSON

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