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Generally, keywords in a URL are helpful for ranking. This usually involves two questions: whether the domain name should use keywords and whether the subpage name should use keywords.

Domain name ranking optimization effect and brand effect
From the perspective of search engine ranking optimization, domain names containing keywords are generally better than those without keywords in domain names. For example, if "hosting" is used as the search term, the website is more likely to rank higher than In addition, people generally prefer to use the website name/domain name for text link content during links. In this way, domain names containing keywords can virtually add weights to websites.

However, from the brand effect of products or services, if the products or services you provide have the brand building strength and profound market potential, use the company name (brand name) domain names should be appropriate. Therefore, whether or not keywords are used in domain names should be determined in the long term based on the market strategies of different targets formulated by the company. Do not go into the misunderstanding of quick success or near profit.
Notes for using keywords in domain names
Question 1: is the domain name length appropriate?
The domain name should not be too long. Generally, one or two keywords are the best. Such as or This makes it easy for customers to remember.
Question 2: whether an independent domain name exists
Independent domain names are more recognized by search engines. The survey shows that most search engines place less "importance" on websites that do not have independent domain names ".
Question 3: Key Word stuffed domain)
Shape as Imagine that if the "importance" of the keyword that the search engine gives to the domain name is 1 point, and keyword1 is the keyword you want to promote most. For this domain name containing five keywords, the "importance" of each keyword in the search engine is 1/5. This reduces the "importance" of kw1, the most important keyword, in the search engine eye ". In addition, the practice of using keywords unlimitedly in a domain name always aims to obtain a higher search engine ranking, rather than providing practical information to customers. Sometimes, the search engine ignores some keywords in the domain name.

Question 4: is the domain name an honest response to the product or service?
Avoid the Problem of "fraudulent domain names" during optimization. Suppose a site that provides hotel booking services, if "" is reasonable. But for "", it is a fraudulent domain name.

Keywords are recommended in the subpage name/address.
The subpage address contains related keywords, which can effectively improve the keyword relevance score of the page in the search engine. However, we should not over-optimize the web page to create a large number of keywords in the subpage names, such as This result is only counterproductive.

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