Use filezilla server to build FTP in Windows 7

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In fact, you can set up FTP in windows and use Microsoft's own tape. There is no need to use other software. However, in order to be universal, you can also use other software.


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1. Requirement Analysis

To improve efficiency, complete website assignments at the end of the period, set up FTP, and share resources in the group.

2. Required Software

Filezilla Server Web site:

Filezilla client Web site: another FTP tool)

3. Build a process

First, download filezilla server from the filezilla website ).

Enter the official website: go to the first page and click Download filezilla server, 01.

Go to the download page and confirm the download. 02.

Find the downloaded software, install it, 03.

Click "Install". The following message is displayed. Click "run" and "04.

Go to the installation page and click "I agree", 05.

Accept the default options and go directly to the next step, 06.

Select the installation path. We recommend that you install it on a non-system disk, 07.

Select the start item. The first item is start, the second item is manual start, and the third item is not recommended, which can be ignored. I select manual, and keep the default value for others, 08.

Go to the next step, keep the default options, and confirm the installation, 09.

The installation is complete. Close this page, 10.

After the installation is complete, it is automatically EnabledProgramInterface, click File in the upper-left corner, and select connect to server from the drop-down menu, 11.

Set the server information, retain the default values for the server address and port items, enter your favorite password, and click 'OK ", 12.

Return to the main interface, click "edit" in the upper-left corner to go to the "Settings" option, 13.

Go to the settings page, click general settings, and modify the values as needed. Note: Keep the default value for the first setting. After the modification is complete, click "OK" to save the modification, 14.

Return to the main interface, add users and folders, click the head icon, and click 15.

Go to the users settings page, select general items, and click "add" to add a user, 16.

Set User information, enter the user name, 17.

Go back to the users settings page and set the password. 18.

Next, click shared folders in the upper left corner of the page to set the shared folder and permissions. 19.

So far, FTP has been set up.

4. Run the test

Run filezilla client on the local machine. Enter the address, username and password, and connect to the client. 20 after successful connection.

If you use CuteFTP to connect, after success, 21.

It should be noted that the CuteFTP connection is prone to garbled characters, so filezilla client is recommended. (Due to limited capabilities, garbled code is not covered in this article)

If it is opened with IE, 22 is displayed after the connection is successful.

So far, FTP can run normally. Next, remote access should be implemented to ensure that other members of the group can access the website normally.

First, find the local IP address. Open "all programs -- attachments -- run" in Windows 7, or directly win + R. In the displayed dialog box, Enter cmd, OK, enter ipconfig IN THE displayed interface, and then enter, you can see the local IP address. the IP address of the campus network users is usually 172. 16. *. *. 23.

Find the IP address and send the IP address to the group member to connect to the IP address. It is usually unsuccessful because the firewall settings are not modified.

The simplest setting is to disable the firewall. In Windows 7, Open Control Panel-system and security-Windows Firewall-enable or disable the firewall, and choose to disable the firewall. 24, 25.

Save the settings and access them on another computer.

However, this method is too violent and the firewall is turned off, so I feel insecure. Therefore, this method is not recommended.

A better way is to enable the firewall and add the filezilla software to the list of permitted programs. The procedure is as follows:

Open the Windows Firewall main interface, click "allow programs or functions through Windows Firewall" on the left, 26.

Click to enter the settings page, and click "allow another program to run", 27 at the bottom.

The "add program" dialog box is displayed. Select filezilla server. Do not select filezilla server interface. If this option is not available in the list, Click Browse, select filezilla server, and then click "add". 28, 29.

Save settings, refresh, and access it from another computer.

Of course, to ensure normal access, you must enable the filezilla server on your local machine. When others access the server successfully, the filezilla server will prompt 30.

Select the visitor below. If the visitor is not pleasing to the eye, right-click the visitor and choose "Kick user" or "Ban user's IP address" to bring the visitor offline or prohibit access from the IP address.

In addition, because we are a campus network user, the network speed is very general, in order to avoid visitors occupying too much bandwidth leading to network slowdown, you can set the download bandwidth. Open the users setting interface (edit -- users) and select the speed limits on the left. Then, set the download speed limit as per your needs, 31.

At this point, we should be able to successfully build FTP and share resources.

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