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WordPress is known as a construction site program. Its powerful, template-rich, adequate plug-ins, simple installation and strong customization features make us in the establishment of personal blog, or even corporate Web sites or other types of sites so that will also choose WordPress. I have some knowledge and experience of WordPress SEO, the following is to say what I have done to it in the past 7 days. WordPress template seo Similar, hope to be able to through this article to have the need for friends to develop some ideas.

In the article "the website overall standardization to the SEO influence", I introduced the website four aspects: the foundation layer, the structure layer, the content layer and the performance layer.


In the WordPress seo, I also basically adhere to the standardization of this site to carry out the steps. Of course, the basic layer of things do not belong to the category of WordPress seo, we skip this part, starting from the structural level:

wordpress structure Layer SEO

WordPress SEO at the structural level of more important places are: Site column and Structure Division, URL standardization, template header optimization, as well as a little bit of data application.

website column and structure Division

As a theme in the SEO-related blog, not to SEO as a keyword some unreasonable. After selecting a good template, you need to start the division of columns. According to the preliminary plan, I divide the columns into:

SEO characters: Introduce some famous SEO practitioners, learn classic SEO cases

SEO Learning: Learn the basics of SEO, free SEO Training

SEO Tools: Introduction of some useful tools for SEO

...... And so on: as the content increases, there will be other plates appearing

According to the principle of Chinese word segmentation "SEO learning" can be differentiated as "SEO" and "learning." Apply TF-IDF framework of SEO derivative application can get the "learning" the weight of the word is lower than "SEO". Because they are as a navigation appear in each page, so the whole station do "SEO" the word optimization, can naturally drive "SEO learning", "SEO tools" and so on.

In terms of structure, I used the same structure as Baidu Encyclopedia. Take the column as a page to process, not as a directory to deal with. Its role is to improve the weight passed to the column. This piece of content is more complicated, I will use a special article to explain later. Here I would like to use a diagram to illustrate the deployment of the structure:


At the same time sidebar and footer Place Some things that are not helpful to SEO but are helpful to the experience of real users.

Finally, in the use of nofollow, we chose to add some outer chains of sidebar and footer area to the nofollow tag.

Wordpress-url Standardization

The standardization of URLs in WordPress is not difficult. If it is a PHP host or virtual space and supports. htaccess, then a piece of code can be added to open the pseudo static setting:


Then select a custom structure in the wordpress background "fixed link" and fill in:


The final effect is similar: http://baiduseoguide.com/1.html

Or you could write:


Then the final result is similar to: http://www.easthv.cc/lanzhouseo/trustrank-and-reserse-trustrank/

We can get more URL "style" from this link: http://codex.wordpress.org/zh-cn:%E4%BD%BF%E7%94%A8%E5%9B%BA%E5%AE%9A%E9%93%BE%E6%8E%A5

Also, if one of the URLs is found. (point), thus affecting the SEO and aesthetics, then we can use WP No CATEGORY base this plug-in to remove, very convenient.

Template Header Optimization

For the application of a wide range of people and the purpose of each person to use different reasons, in the various WordPress template header, basically contains all the things that can be put in.

Some things are necessary, such as Title/meta description/canonical tags, and some things are not necessary, or even useless, such as: Meta-keywords and so on. My personal approach is more peaceful, just to optimize and clean up what I don't use. The specific WordPress header optimization is as follows:

Open the functions.php file in the template directory and add the following code before?>:


Save, update, you can.

 Application of micro-data

The reason to do this is simply because I personally pay more attention to copyright, so I hope that Google's search results appear in my name and so on, in addition to the purpose of SEO research (web site or page weight to achieve what value, Google will display micro-data information). Note that Baidu is not supporting micro-data. Unless it is a large web site to join the Baidu open platform.

About the interpretation and use of micro-data, please refer to Google Webmaster tools in the relevant introduction, "about rich Web page summary and structured data"

wordpress content Layer SEO

Content layer aspects of WordPress SEO, mainly related to title, Meta Description, robots.txt sitemap and so on. As for the content creation factor, is not within the WordPress SEO scope.

WordPress title and Description seo

This should have nothing to say, the use of "article name-site name" or "article name-directory name-site name," the way. WordPress default and part of the template used by the title tag needs to change, directly replace the header.php in the relevant title information. There are many changes in the code online, you can query.

Similarly, in order to prevent the search engine from crawling its own description of the site, thus affecting the text that the user sees on the search results page, we also need to customize the meta description code as follows:


The previous code means that, if it is the home page, "write a description of your site's homepage here" and, if it is an article page or page, follow the instructions entered in the Child definition column.

So how do you enter a value in a custom column? How do I find where to enter the custom description?

In the background to write a new article page, find the upper right "display Options", click, tick "custom column";

In the article edit area will appear "Custom column", select "Enter new column", then enter "description";

Enter the description of your article in the "value" on the right and keep it within 70 characters.

The correct wording of a robots

The general robots.txt of WordPress is written as:


Can be added and deleted according to their actual needs.

Also note that the encoding format of the robots.txt file should be ANSI


Directly using Google XML sitemaps this plugin to create sitemap.xml. You also need to have an HTML-formatted sitemap. I personally use the PS Auto sitemap this plugin to achieve. Effects can be referenced


wordpress content Layer SEO

Here the optimization is mainly involved in CSS and JS integration and optimization, so as to improve the speed of the site and load speed. The following figure shows the optimized WordPress score in YSlow and the speed test in the performance of Google Webmaster tools.


Because the speed of the site is faster than the optimization of the WordPress optimization category, and related to introduce and explain too much content. I will make a special introduction in the future articles.

The above is yangfan on WordPress optimization of some insights, SEO work for each individual site, have different operating ideas and specific practices. The author is just a hope to be able to give you some wordpress seo ideas. Please forgive and point out the improper content of the article.

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