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Plugins are tools used to expand WordPress. The WordPress design is streamlined to get the most flexibility and the least core code. Plug-ins can reject user-defined functions and features or add required details. This article includes the list of articles related to plug-in development resources & nbsp; for general plug-ins, refer to ManagingPlugins (management plug-ins)-for example:

Plugins are tools used to expand WordPress. The WordPress design is streamlined to get the most flexibility and the least core code. Plug-ins can reject user-defined functions and features or add required details.

This article includes a list of resources related to plug-in development.


Reference for general plug-ins
  • Manage ins-find, install, manage, and debug ins.
  • Plugins-List of WordPress plug-ins, with many ready-made plug-ins.
  • Plugins/Plugin Compatibility (plug-in Compatibility)-List of versions compatible with WordPress corresponding to the plug-in.


Plugin Development basics
  • Writing a Plugin (write a plug-in)-The best plug-in development entry.
  • I18n for WordPress Developers (I18n WordPress developer)-how to "internationalize" your plug-ins, generally in multiple languages. The abbreviation of i18n n. internationalization, that is, there are 18 letters between I and n, which indicates that the software is "internationalized"
  • Plugin API? -Describes how to use Hooks (Actions and Filters) and rewrite WordPress functions in the plug-in ).
  • Adding Administration Menus (add background menu)-How to add the background menu of the plug-in
  • Plugin Submission and Promotion (plug-in Submission and Promotion)-Some suggestions for publishing plug-ins
  • Migrating Plugins and Themes (migration plug-ins and styles)-including how to update your plug-ins to the corresponding version of WordPress
  • Determining Plugin and Content Directories Content directory-describes the files or Directories associated with your plug-in

External Resources:

  • Your First WordPress Plugin (video demonstration) Your First WordPress Plugin (video tutorial)
  • Anatomy of a new Plugin? A new plug-in (traduzione italiana)
  • Writing a WordPress Plugin Part I? And? Part II
  • Desenvolvendo plugins para o WordPress (pt-br)


Plug-in development-reference
  • Plugin API/Filter Reference? -Reference list of filter hooks available in WordPress
  • Plugin API/Action Reference? -Reference list of action hooks available in WordPress
  • Function Reference? -Complete PHP function reference for WordPress (version 2.1, with links to previous versions)
  • WordPress.org PHPDoc? -Nearly all the functions in WordPress now have "PHPDoc" headers. This site shows all the PHPDoc.
  • Option Reference? -Large list of options that WordPress installby default (version 2.3.1, no links to previous versions)
  • Database Description? -Description of the WordPress Database (version 2.1; has links to older version articles)
  • Query Overview? -Description of the WordPress query process used to find posts and display them
  • WordPress Coding Standards? -General information about coding standards for WordPress development
  • WordPress Deprecated Functions Hook? -WordPress 2.4 adds two hooks for when deprecated functions are used, here is how to use them.
  • Response code API? -A tutorial and reference for the encoding code API (new in version 2.5)
  • Dashboard Widgets API? -A reference with examples for adding new widgets to the admin dashboard.
  • Settings API? -A reference with examples for adding new settings to existing settings screens.

External Resources:

  • PHPXref for WordPress? -Cross reference of WordPress files, functions, and variables, which seems to point to the latest released version .? This redalt.com PHPXref site? Has the bleeding-edge Trunk version, as well as 1.5 and 2.0, but the Trunk version may not be updating any more. So, there is now? New Trunk Xref site on ftwr. co. uk? Available.
  • Skippy's list? Of actions and filters
  • WordPress Hooks Database, a database of all WordPress 'hooks, showing which version they come from, and linking to the source code spots that use them
  • Angsuman's list, a comprehensive listing of WordPress action hooks with documentation and source code location information. It contains all supported ented and unauthenticated ented action hooks in WordPress 2.0.
  • Dd32's wordpress.org/extend Plugin API information
  • PHP Cross Reference of the WordPress and BBPress source, using PHPXref by Joost de Valk? -Also includes tutorial
  • WordPress Plugin Development? -Beginner's guide


Plug-in development-topics
  • Creating Admin Themes? -How to create a Plugin that changes the look of the Admin section
  • Creating Tables with Plugins? -How to store your plugin's data in a new table in the WordPress database
  • Custom Queries? -How to implement custom queries that let a plugin control which posts are displayed and in what order
  • AJAX in Plugins? -How to add AJAX functionality to your plugin, in the administration screens or viewer-facing pages
  • Creating Options Pages? -How to easily create custom options pages and have WordPress do all the hard work for you!
  • Modifying Options Pages? -How to modify already existing options pages by adding options for your use on them
  • Using the add_meta_box () Function? -How to add a custom section to the post editing screen, and save the data the user enters
  • TinyMCE Custom Buttons? -How to add functionality to the TinyMCE Visual/HTML editor for post/page content

External Resources:

  • Securing your plugin with nonces
  • Official WordPress Widgets page on Widgetizing plugins
  • Writing a Widget Plugin
  • Using event scheduling in WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Functions History Tool? -Unofficial tool to help in finding when/if a function has been added/dropped
  • WP-Fun's old blog posts and examples? -An old (2006-2008) zip with widget code
  • Creating Click & Drag Options Boxes in WP 2.7? -Screencast on using? Add_meta_box API
  • Simplified AJAX For WordPress Plugin Developers using Jquery
  • JQuery and Ajax in WordPress Administration Plugins
  • JQuery and Ajax in Plugins for Public Pages
  • Make your WordPress plugin talk AJAX? -Examples on viewer-side AJAX for plugins
  • How to load JavaScript like a WordPress Master? -Optimal script loading, fig for each codes

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