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WordPress website Ultimate Optimization Guide

WordPress is an emphasis on aesthetics, ease of use and network standards of personal information publishing platform. WordPress is free open source software, but its value can not be measured in terms of money. Now it is increasingly being used in Enterprise Portal design.

With WordPress used to build stations more and more frequently, about WordPress SEO Consulting frequency also increased, many friends and customers to consult how to use the WordPress platform to do SEO optimization to achieve a better ranking effect.


This article uses the Ultimate Optimization Guide as the title, in fact, some exaggerated points, but hope to take this opportunity to engage in WordPress development and promotion of the experience gained through this article to share to everyone, as a point, if there are any flaws in the place, but also hope that we are not willing to enlighten, the so-called learning is long, Never the best only better, good nonsense not much to say, to the end.

Optimization Guide Directory
  1. WordPress website Ultimate Optimization Guide
  2. 1 Basic-level WordPress SEO
    1. 1.1 URL Format
      1. 1.1.1 Fixed Link
      2. 1.1.2 www and without www
      3. 1.1.3 to remove meaningless characters
    2. 1.2 Optimize your Site page title
      1. 1.2.1 Use WordPress SEO Ultimate plugin to set the best page title
    3. 1.3 Optimizing Your Description description
    4. 1.4 Picture Optimization
    5. 1.5 XML Sitemaps Submission
  3. 2 Template optimization
    1. 2.1 Breadcrumbs Bread crumbs Set
    2. Use of 2.2 H1 H2 H3 H4, etc.
    3. 2.3 Optimizing Your Code
    4. 2.4 Page Loading Speed indicator
    5. 2.5 Re-design your sidebar
    6. 2.6 HTML Site Map
    7. 2.7 Author Highlights
  4. 3 Advanced WordPress SEO and duplicate content
    1. 3.1 Masking Unwanted archives
    2. 3.2 Set up the paging
    3. 3.3 Do not follow unrelated links
    4. 3.4 Canonical
  5. 4 good website structure helps to improve rankings
    1. 4.1 pages instead of articles
    2. 4.2 Old bottles of new wine
    3. 4.3 Link to related articles
  6. 5 Reviews optimization
    1. 5.1 Scoring the use of micro data Rating and aggregaterating
    2. 5.2 Reviews Social Platform extensions
  7. 6 Testing SEO optimization effects
  8. 7 WordPress SEO Summary
1 Basic-level WordPress SEO

Aside from all the SEO, single from its own architecture, WordPress is I used all the CMS inside the SEO architecture to do the best one, no second, of course, now on the internet thousands of sites, do not do any optimization want to get better rankings and traffic almost no possibility, Therefore, this guide is formally based on this consideration, with the help of WordPress's own excellent architecture, the aid of reasonable SEO settings and techniques are bound to get a multiplier effect, for you to build the WordPress website plug in a pair of flying wings.

1.1 URL Format 1.1.1 Permalink

Optimization The first step is to modify the fixed link, you can enter the background click settings → fixed link default fixed link format is: The ?p=<postid> best fixed link format is /post-name/ or, preferred is /%postname%/ :

If you want to include category categories, you can choose a custom format to modify the value to /%postname%/ : If you have previously used the default ?p=<postid> modification to the new fixed-link format, WordPress will automatically jump all the links for you, the same applies to changes /%postname%/ to /%category%/%postname%/ The situation.

1.1.2 www and without www

Your consideration of your website is displayed externally as www.eastdesign.net or eastdesign.net, please make sure background settings → General inside you set the right format:

You'll also need to set your preferred domain to Google admin tools and click Google Webmaster Tools. As shown in the settings, the URLs are displayed as Www.eastdesign.net:

Then is to take the domain name without www do 301 jump, Permanent jump to Www.eastdesign.net, the advantage of this is to prevent the domain name format too many decentralized weights, but also on the site brand caused by a non-uniform impact, how to do 301 jump, below will be posted Apache and nginx inside the setup code for reference:
The Nginx code is as follows:

server {Listen [::]:80;server_name eastdesign.net;rewrite ^/(. *) $  permanent;}

Note the "Listen [::]:80;" To listen for IPv4 and IPv6 respectively, if your site is not set IPv6 listen in the format: "Listen 80".
The Apache code is as follows:

ServerName esdesign.netrewriteengine onrewriterule ^ (. *) $ http://www.eastdesign.net$1 [r=301,l]

NOTE: The Apache code only lists the 301 jump implementations, not all of them.

1.1.3 to remove meaningless characters

This article generally applies to the English web site, for example, you enter a long English sentence as the title, the fixed link inside will become very long, and in fact, such as "a", "and", "the" and so on the search engine does not have much significance, and led to a long URL format, automatically remove these characters, While retaining the core keywords will be more conducive to SEO, the implementation of this recommended installation of the famous SEO Ultimate, the plug-in with similar features and many other very good SEO features.

1.2 Optimize your Site page title

The Site page title <title> is an important factor in determining search rankings, not only because it appears on the top of the browser status bar, but also as a first-glance message that visitors see through search engines.

Many blog page title formats are still "blog Title»blog Archive»keyword rich post title" or "blog Title»keyword rich post title", while in fact in order to get a better stream Volume and rank, the title should make some changes for the following reasons:

    • Search engines give a higher weight to the words in the front position, so if your title keyword is in front of the site name, you will get a better ranking display;
    • When a visitor searches for a keyword, it is also a priority to see the words that are in front of you, and the title keywords that match your current page are in front of you, and it's obviously easier to attract visitors to click.

So it is obvious that the best title format should be to give priority to the actual title of the current page, and then the brand name of the current site, it is recommended that you look very good Aaron Wall article: Google & SEO friendly Page Titles.

1.2.1 Use WordPress SEO Ultimate plugin to set the best page title

Using the previous mentioned WordPress SEO Ultimate plugin can be well set to match the search habits of the page title, as shown in:

Other corresponding page settings can be clicked on the respective tab tab for specific settings, the default settings for this plugin is the best one, so there is no need to make too many changes.

1.3 Optimizing Your Description description

Now we optimize the page title, next we want to focus on the meta descriptions of the page, of course, the latest search engine algorithm is no longer the web meta keywords and descriptions as a very important weight index, But setting the right descriptions will give visitors a good impression of your site, because the descriptions you set will be prioritized in the search engine description.

About this piece of optimization, SEO Ultimate also do very good, simple display as follows:

As shown, the default settings for the plugin are already available, as mentioned above, Web meta-based keywords and descriptions have been far less important than a few years ago, and it is not recommended to spend too much effort to optimize, especially over-piling keywords will backfire.

1.4 Picture Optimization

As we all know, you give each picture as much as possible with the title and Alt tag, but once the picture is very much, processing similar work will become very time-consuming and inefficient, here to recommend a good plugin: SEO friendly Images, This plugin will automatically match the title and alt tag for your picture.

1.5 XML Sitemaps Submission

XML Sitemaps submission is to tell Google and other search engines that your site has any new content, similar features to recommend a very good plug-in: BWP Google XML Sitemaps This plug-in setup and use is very simple, set up will generate a The sitemap address in this format, and then submit this address to Google Webmaster tools:

2 template Optimization 2.1 breadcrumbs breadcrumbs Setup

You need to set up breadcrumb navigation for the details of the article or page, the format of breadcrumbs is generally the following: "Home > Articles > WordPress SEO", the benefits of setting up breadcrumb navigation are as follows:

    • It makes it easy for visitors to access the pages of each hierarchy of your site, and the user experience is greatly improved;
    • It also makes it easy for search engines to identify the structure of your site, and in Google's search results, the URL that sets the breadcrumbs will show a specific URL format instead of a single current URL:
Use of 2.2 H1 H2 H3 H4, etc.

Although almost all templates are correctly using the H tag, make sure that your article title is , not any other label, the site homepage your blog name must also be , at the same time in the Details page and category List page, must not appear more than one , sidebar must not appear and .

Make the above changes for the template file editing is very easy to implement, want to know why the appropriate H tag use is so important, please refer to this article:Semantic HTML and SEO.

2.3 Optimizing Your Code

All templates need to use JavaScript and CSS files, please store in a specific external file inside, to ensure that the template files clean and tidy, but also to ensure that visitors can be the first time to visit the page to cache these files, the search engine does not need to regularly index these content.

2.4 Page Loading Speed indicator

The search engine can crawl how many pages of your site an important factor, is your site speed is fast enough, you can use the following three ways to speed up your site loading speed:

    1. Optimize your template files to read the database to the lowest frequency, that is, to reduce the number of queries to read the database;
    2. Install a cache plug-in, I recommend W3 total cache, although the plug-in setup is relatively complex, but it can effectively improve the overall performance of your site;
    3. W3 Total Cache will get better results if paired with a CDN such as MAXCDN.

Of course page loading speed Another very important factor is the performance of the server, a good performance of the server will be very effective to improve the overall performance of your site, here we recommend to you for WordPress optimized East data WordPress host

2.5 Re-design your sidebar

Do you really need to have your Web site sidebar full of external links? Google has recently greatly lowered the effect of similar links to your friend's site, so similar to the link to prevent the effect of your friend's site is very small, rather than reconsider the design, just placed in the home page with others exchange links, rather than all the inside pages of the sidebar.

Also for the search engine, in the details of the article on the sidebar to put too much content related to this article is bound to mislead the search engine, resulting in the dispersion of weights.

Perhaps one day the WordPress background will allow you to set up a number of sidebar, but at least now you have to manually set up two sidebar for your site, respectively, for the first and inner pages, or the extra two for the details of the page and the list page.

2.6 HTML Site Map

For a blog site similar to the site map is optional, because the blog itself is relatively simple structure, the level is also very clear, but for the construction of WordPress with the enterprise site is not the same, the hierarchy is relatively more complex, for similar sites, Designing a site map with a full-site hierarchy is a good choice for both visitors and search engines.

2.7 Author Highlights

What is the author highlight, I show you the effect you can easily understand:

Shown in the bottom column is the effect of highlighting the author, especially for the owners of Google Plus to open information page, the effect is particularly obvious, on the one hand can increase the site in the Google search bar effect of rich, but also promote their own, a lot more.
So how to achieve a similar effect, the same is back to a powerful SEO ultimate plug-ins, through this plugin can be very easy to achieve similar effects, of course, we do not misunderstand for this guide is specifically for this plugin and write, I with this plugin author strangers, just because this plugin really write very good , is free for this plug-in to do some recommendation, set the method as follows:

3 Advanced WordPress SEO and duplicate content settings

Once you have done all of these basic settings, you will start to do a simple thing, that is, the repetition of content settings, WordPress comes with three sets of content retrieval method:

    1. Archive by date
    2. By category
    3. by label

Reasonable use of these three sets of content retrieval method, will bring your site a better content structure and more rich within the chain. The settings here are simple and depend largely on the site webmaster's requirements for site content layout, so this is not a big explanation.

3.1 Masking Unwanted archives

If your blog is simply all articles written by an author, there is no need to keep the author's archive.

3.2 Set up the paging

When the search engine crawl to a Category List page, if not set up the page format, it is bound to jump dozens of pages to return to the first page of this category, so good paging format becomes very important, to achieve a lot of plug-in page, we recommend this Wp-pagenavi.

3.3 Do not follow unrelated links

Another technique to improve the WordPress SEO effect is to stop following any landing and registration page.

3.4 Canonical

Canonical is the uniqueness of the page link, set the canonical property, will tell the search engine, the page's unique URL, so as to avoid the URL of the various formats resulting in the dispersion of weight, SEO Ultimate plug-in for this attribute has a direct solution, as follows:

4 good website structure helps to improve rankings

Blog because of the inherent good site structure and other factors are conducive to search engine indexing and collection, of course, depends on whether you are very good use up:

4.1 pages instead of articles

You should have noticed that the article you are reading is not a post but a page, why? First of all, this guide's URL format needs to be directly inherited in the site home domain name, the middle does not want him to take any other formats, such as category or tag, and in order to reflect the wordpress seo keyword density, with the page to edit the advantages of congenital, Easy to edit updates at any time.

4.2 Old bottles of new wine

If an article has a high ranking on some keywords in search engines, you can do something to get better results:

    • Create a new page to re-edit better content and keyword density;
    • Modify the old slug of this article for another URL, convenient to create a new page;
    • Publish your new page address for the address of this article, how to construct the URL of this article through the fixed link of the page believe is not very difficult things;
    • Send an e-mail to all the users who have followed your article, stating that you have updated this article;
    • Wait for this article again by the Search engine index update;
4.3 Link to related articles

The way to make search engines easier to index to older articles by the current article is to add the relevant article plug-in, which is recommended in this good plug-in yet another related Posts plugin or yourself through custom template PHP code is not difficult to achieve similar functionality.

5 Reviews optimization

Website Comment function is a good embodiment of Web site content interactivity, especially for some good original articles, to obtain a large number of meaningful comments, to a certain extent also equivalent to the current page has a regular content updates, comments on the optimization of this piece I would like to explain in two ways simple:

5.1 Scoring the use of micro data Rating and aggregaterating

Hint: The following text in order to facilitate the description, part of the reference to the domestic good wordpress SEO author mg12 tutorial scoring micro-data Rating and aggregaterating use method, here to thank him, of course, if there is infringement, etc., please write to inform, I'll take care of it the first time.
Score is also called star rating, more in the article, merchandise and other Web pages with the main information. Although the schema.org on the Rating and aggregaterating and their use of the detailed instructions, but some places do not pay attention to the mistake.
Rating refers to a rating, which may have only one value (Ratingvalue), indicating the score for this score.

Micro Data Rating

Aggregaterating is a scoring rollup that, in addition to the scoring values, should include at least the number of ratings (Ratingcount or reviewcount), indicating the average of how many times the score was scored.

Micro Data aggregaterating

In the search results, aggregaterating may be displayed, but Rating will not. Very do site do aggregaterating ignore Rating, may be for this reason, including Google Play platform.

The difference between Ratingcount and Reviewcount

The last paragraph mentions the number of scores in aggregaterating Ratingcount and Reviewcount, both of which indicate quantity, but the meaning is different.
I hope that the readers of the blog can comment on the article, and these readers can not review and reply to the article, so the use of Ratingcount, which indicates the number of votes obtained. This is shown in Google search results.
Based on the above interpretation of the micro-data document, and reference Mg12, the successful transformation of the Wp-postratings plugin, the perfect realization of the site page on the Google engine rating display.
Google structured data testing tool address: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.eastdesign.net% 2fwordpress-web-development%2f&html=
In fact, the transformation of wp-postratings is not very large, mainly with the modification of WP template, the following simple explanation:
Edit the/wp-content/plugins/wp-postratings/wp-postratings.php file to find the code for line 83rd:

$attributes = ' id= ' post-ratings-'. $ratings _id. ' class= ' post-ratings ' itemscope itemtype= ' http://schema.org/Product "‘;

To be replaced by:

$attributes = ' id= ' post-ratings-'. $ratings _id. ' class= ' post-ratings ' itemscope itemtype= ' http://schema.org/ Aggregaterating "';

The next step is the transformation of the template, a brief description of the following:
First find the template head header.php,


Replaced by

<body itemtype= "Http://schema.org/WebPage" itemscope= "" >

Then find the single.php and make a simple retrofit as follows:

<article class= "Thepost" itemtype= "http://schema.org/Article" itemscope= "" >    <fieldset>    < LEGEND><H1 itemprop= "Name" ><?php the_title ();?>

After the transformation is completed, you can then make the following scores on the current article, and then through the Google Structured data testing tool to see, the moment of witnessing the miracle finally arrived, you will see your URL on google display more than a row of bright yellow score record, whether it is a sense of accomplishment, Of course, this scoring record does not directly affect the ranking of keywords on your site, but you do not think that a lot of such a bright yellow scoring record to add to your site, at least more visitors click on the attractiveness of the side to enhance the site's traffic.

5.2 Reviews Social Platform extensions

Comment on the expansion of the social platform, I believe that many sites have been enabled, which is doing well, foreign when the push Disqus Comment system, the domestic on a lot of, personal recommendation to say social review system, faster, clean interface, want to install their own to search for a bit.

6 Testing SEO optimization effects

A good WordPress SEO solution needs not only good execution of various optimization methods, but also through the professional tools to test the specific optimization results, recommend a very good test tool for Google Analytics.

Another highly recommended tool is the Google Webmaster tools mentioned in the previous section of this guide.

7 WordPress SEO Summary

Spent a whole afternoon to write this wordpress SEO guide, brain cells died a lot, but also harvest quite abundant, at least prove that they still have the patience to focus on a good thing, now the society is too impetuous, appropriate to find the opportunity to make their own quiet good thing, you will find that there are unexpected gains, Digress, return to the main theme, SEO optimization has always been a very complex project, not short-term assault on it can achieve good results, need perseverance patience and determination, but also to withstand loneliness, because the process is often very boring.

Well, this article to the end of the first, of course, will do a continuous update, we have to read any ideas please enlighten!

The latest update tip: After repeated testing, the tutorial mentioned in the SEO Ultimate plug-ins have some loopholes and shortcomings, is now a unified proposal to replace the more powerful WordPress seo by yoast, this plugin is currently evaluated down the best wordpress free SEO plugin, You can install the test, Setup is also very simple, in addition, if based on the tutorial installed SEO Ultimate, please install the SEO Data transporter This plug-in, and then according to the plug-in operation process can be easily implemented from the SEO Ultimate to WordPress SEO by yoast migration.

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