For 12 reasons, you have to wait for Ubuntu 10.10

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For 12 reasons, you have to wait for Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu10.10, codenamed "Maverick Meerkat (Fox cake)", will be officially released on July 10 (this Sunday). There is no doubt that most Ubuntu users are waiting to download the latest version. After all, version 10.10 Is the most user-friendly Linux version of Canonical, and many new features promised will be implemented in this version.

The following lists 12 reasons for users who have not yet used Ubuntu to expect Ubuntu10.10.

1. Speed

Ubuntu10.10 runs fast-exception fast. It is reported that the Ubuntu version can be started up in just seven seconds. Windows obviously cannot compare the boot speed. I would like to ask who is willing to wait for the computer to start up slowly when there are many tasks.

2. Price

The price is even lower, Because Ubuntu is free and easy to get. There is no capital investment in the Ubuntu system. Of course, if you need to purchase professional technical support, you will have to pay additional fees.

3. No loss

You can try to install Ubuntu on your computer and choose LiveCD, USB, five strokes, or virtualization options without affecting your computer resources. That is to say, installing another Ubuntu system on your computer will not cause you any loss.

4. hardware compatibility

Ubuntu can basically run on any machine you use. Of course, you can also install both Windows and Ubuntu on your machine, as long as the space is allocated separately, choose to start a system each time. Until one day, you decide which system to discard.

5. Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a "personal cloud" service, which allows you to access your local files and notes synchronously anywhere. This feature allows you to connect your computer to your mobile phone and share documents, photos, and other resources on both devices. What's more interesting is that you can buy music through Ubuntu One and transfer it to any computer you choose.

6. Windows compatibility

Ubuntu10.10 has a Windows test client that allows you to connect to Windows and Ubuntu systems and allow users to access files between the two platforms. In this way, you do not need to worry about getting files in Windows.

7. Application Software

Unlike Windows, many key commercial office software of Ubuntu is free of charge. In addition to free and Firefox, it also supports Flash and Google Chrome. If the required software is not pre-installed in the Ubuntu system, you can also find it in the Ubuntu Software Center. Installing a new software in Windows is basically a very difficult task. You may spend a lot of time searching in Google, and you may have to pay for it. However, Ubuntu's software center contains thousands of open-source software, where users can find their desired free software.

8. Security

Ubuntu is very secure. Basically, compared with Windows and Apple OS X, the Linux release version is highly secure. It is no wonder that many experts suggest using the Linux operating system for online banking, especially when other operating systems are not secure enough, Linux is the best choice.

9. multi-touch

If you want to try Ubuntu to access the Internet, you will experience the all-new multi-touch feature of Ubuntu10.10 In the netbook.

10. Beautiful

Another key feature of the new Ubuntu version is that the interface is more beautiful and friendly. The new Unity interface and Ubuntu font family are part of the netbook version. All these changes are made to make Ubuntu look better.

11. Friendly

Ubuntu's new "Me Menu" allows users to directly access Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can connect to your favorite chat channel and update it in real time through a window.

12. Linux features

Today, enterprises choose to use Linux for a variety of reasons, it is difficult to grasp their demand trajectory. Of course, high Linux security is one of the important reasons. In addition, Ubuntu also has many advantages. For commercial applications, Ubuntu is indeed a good choice.

The long-awaited official Ubuntu10.10 version can be downloaded on the Canonical Ubuntu website this Sunday. Of course, if you can't wait, you can try the released candidate version first. Either way, I believe that once your enterprise tries to use Ubuntu, you will continue to use it.

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