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China's textbooks, is the exam-oriented education, just tell us a lot of knowledge, did not tell us why to use calculus. What causes the formation of calculus. What is the controversy in the process of calculus production. What happens. What is the historical position of calculus? And so on, we are merely accepting knowledge and then learning to use knowledge. In this regard, please see < specific math > (practical Mathematics written by Daniel), such books can develop people's thinking, produce truly great scientists.
Lenovo to the current software development work, many people think that the most important thing is software development: Learn a lot of programming knowledge, and then skilled use of these programming knowledge, so as to earn more money to support the family Daniel ...
This is obviously the result of exam-oriented education. This kind of person is the code agriculture, is the mental labor type manual worker. In the final analysis, the manual workers will not become the real people.
What we should learn is how to think, how to use these thinking skills to accomplish the challenges that are always faced in our life that are unknown to us, not just to learn some knowledge, and then to start physical labor.
Learning is the thinking ability (IQ) of exercise, EQ, physique, etc., not only learn knowledge.
China and the world's top universities, the super power gap is still very large, 100 years also difficult to catch up with it.
But, South Korea's tiny country, why can develop so fast?
There are no books on this, introducing Korea's Samsung semiconductors and cars, and the art of development.
It's Japan. After the Meiji Restoration, how long will be strong.
Or I understand the wrong, is because of education my teacher level is too bad, so did not teach understand, and China a little better point of small, early, high teachers and parents have already been to everyone to understand this point. Or, I am too stupid, only now understand this truth, should be the primary school will be willing to start the world's best books, rather than die chewing textbooks.
Thanks to the Internet, I can easily access the world's best books.

Point of view Revision:
It's not all good abroad, most of foreign countries are also very bad, but excellent books, so to learn, must try to choose the world's best written books to read, the author of a few pens will be a complex problem simple and clear to understand, the so-called complex simplification, real Daniel.

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