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One, browser-based Ajax framework

1, Ajaxcall
The library file code is simpler, easier to get started with, and supports scripting debugging.

2. Flash JavaScript Integration Kit
Integrated flash and Javascript,javascript and flash ActionScript can be invoked with each other.

3, Google Ajaxslt
This is what Google maps uses, and the functionality is naturally not weak.

4, Htmlhttprequest
Using XMLHttpRequest object and standard HTML tag iframe to achieve maximum cross-platform support, if the browser does not support XMLHttpRequest objects, use IFRAME to simulate asynchronous interaction. In the browser does not have a unified standard today, should be a good transition method.

Two. NET platform based on server-side AJAX framework

1, Ajax.NET
Under the. NET platform, this should be the most widely used, in addition to Microsoft's own ajax.

2, Bitkraft for


4, Magicajax

Third, the other platform based on the server-side AJAX framework

1, cross-platform asynchronous Interface Toolkit
Support for PHP and ASP

URL: Http://
Support Asp/coldfusion/perl/php/python

3. JavaScript Remote Scripting
Support asp/coldfusion/php/jsp

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