General Media Player (updated in 5.5)

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Relatively simple control application, just for your reference (in fact, half of the reason is for dg244)
IE only, IE6 test passed
Automatically identifies the media type (in fact, it is identified by the suffix) and calls RealPlayer or Windows Media Player for playback. If you are interested, you can try adding SWF. All media types are objects.

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2006.5.5 update
Added the flash playback function.<Title> <br/> html mpc <br/> </title> <br/> <style> # playerdiv {background-image: URL (; width: 600px; height: pixel PX; }</style> <p> <input id = "txturl"> <input type = "button" onclick = "doplay (); "value =" play "> Taobao sanbao (mp3) </P> <p> flash </P> <p>

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