Gmake command missing issue when installing CMake (to compile and install MySQL)

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Installation Environment: ubuntu16.04

Installation of CMake

1.# wget

2.# Tar xvfz cmake-2.8.4.tar.gz

3.# CD cmake-2.8.4


5.# gmake && make install

1. Download CMake Source Package

2. Unzip

3. Go to unzip directory

4. Run the script file to produce a makefile file that complies with the GNU specification (when installing an application under Linux, run the script configure, and then use make to compile the source program, run make install, and finally run make Clean Delete some temporary files. 5. Error running command, modify command to execute only the second half of make install, execute successfully

6. Query gmake Command missing issue

The first thought is sudo apt-get install Gamke, but useless, the source is not. The full name of Gmake should be gnumake,
On the Internet to check the next, originally in Ubuntu has canceled it, are replaced with make. There are people on the UBUNTU-CN who have encountered this problem,
The method is to change the gmake in makefile to make.

My solution is to create a symbolic connection under/usr/bin cd/usr/bin && sudo ln-s make gmake

Gmake command missing issue when installing CMake (to compile and install MySQL)

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