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The Chrome operating system is extremely simple-that is why you will fall in love with it. Most of this article was written on a computer bought six years ago. It runs Google's new operating system chromium.

Chromium operating system is an open-source version of Google's new Chrome operating system for netbooks, tablets, and Other lightweight models. It is developed from the widely used source code of Google, but can run on very common hardware. Google's Chrome operating system is designed to run on the next generation of streamlined systems. These systems may not have some traditional hardware required to run Windows, but lower costs, lightning-like start times, and some security measures that really prevent viruses will make up for it.

If you know where to download it, you can download and run the chromium operating system now, but be careful. If you search for "Download Chrome OS" on Google, you may find the SuSE Linux revised version-"fake Google Chrome OS ." The irony is that the system can run on most netbooks, but you have to be a Linux expert to use it. You can use googledocs on the Internet to edit files, or use a localOpen-source office suite, but you need to track the location where the documents are saved and move them back and forth manually. You can download and install cool programs from the Linux software library, but the download may result in hacking your system or stealing your data. In addition, you need to remember to regularly perform "software upgrades" to install protection patches. In many ways, this is like running Microsoft w indow s or Apple OS.

On the contrary, the real chromium operating system is a brand new attempt to the operating system. What you get is much less than the full linux system with a large number of open-source software. What is confusing is that the overall effect is much more practical, and the user interface is more friendly and safer.

There is no need to perform many c hromium Operating System Configurations here, and this is the key. The browser has a wrench icon for you to change the time zone, touch screen sensitivity, or enable the tap-to-lick option. You can connect to the wireless network and customize the homepage (although Google is the default homepage). Then you can let the chrom ium system save your password. You can also clear the cache and restore the default system. Bookmarks will be updated along with your Google account. This is already quite the case, at least for now.

The power of this operating system comes from the inability to download and install software. Except for the web browser, none of the programs you want to run can be run on the internet, theoretically from Google cloud. For example, I want to click a webpage that can access the PD F link, and c hro-M ium will run PD F through G oogle D OCs to display its content. I tried to search for my bookmarks, and they were all there-synchronously updating with my Google account. Even YouTube videos can be played, even though they are slow in the old system.

Chrome's real revolution lies in the operating system's self-protection and update methods. According to the video published by Google's security engineer will Drewry on Google's website, Google knows in advance that each application will run on the chrom e operating system. "We can properly protect them. Other applications are network applications ."


This means that both Facebook, YouTube, and Google Calendar can run well, so these will run faster-assuming you have been using the Internet, rather than downloading and installing software systems.

Although you can download and run the chromium operating system now, I do not recommend this. It is difficult to find a reliable chromium System on the Internet (I tried it several times before I found chrom hardware integration is poor, and the user interface is not completed.

Even so, the chrom e operating system has great potential, and it may fundamentally change the way most of us communicate through computers-so stay tuned.

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