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Gphone will break the order of the mobile industry?Author: Millet, Origin: Pacific Internet, responsible editor: Yang Chunhui, 2007-09-17 09:52 In recent days, if you mention Google's name in the mobile software community, it may be a silence. It's not that Silicon Valley start-ups have nothing to say about the world's biggest search engine, but they can't .

In recent days, if you mention Google's name in the mobile software community, it may be a silence. It's not that Silicon Valley start-ups have nothing to say about the world's biggest search engine, but they can't tell because many of the region's mobile-phone software developers are trying to patch up their tools and services in the hope of tying up with Google's wireless operating system in the future. And in this case, they made a commitment to secrecy.

Still, the news leaked out. It is revealed that the company is expected to gain a foothold in the Google platform has the ability to be good at the blog and news extracted and sent to the mobile phone Plumo company, providing mobile phone directory voice recognition technology nuance Communications. Pluto's services have been used in Motorola and research in motion, as well as in some handsets using Microsoft's operating system, while Nuance's exclusive technology to enable users to use voice-dial, search, and other operations has also been adopted by Palm's Treo 755p. Two companies have declined to comment on the matter.

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Another emerging company, said to be working with Google, is 3Jam, a developer whose software allows users to send text messages to their friends. 3Jam also declined to comment.

Google itself is tight-lipped, but their collaboration with the developers is further proof that they are moving toward a platform that is likely to be called Gphone, which will integrate a range of services ranging from news to instant Messaging to social networking and internet browsing. Toni Schneider, the CEO of Automattic, a web publisher who built the Yahoo Developer Project, said, "If they really do this on a large scale with a mobile developer, the product might be close to listing." "For developers, the Google platform offers a lot of opportunities to change the way programmers use and build Google Apps for mobile devices, and the collaboration between the two will leave an indelible imprint on the establishment and use of wireless services."

It is widely believed that the Google mobile platform contains operating systems, mobile versions of Google's existing software, and integration tools that facilitate developers ' work. They are expected to open most of the Gphone code, the industry's usual application interface (API_), which allows mobile developers to integrate Google Apps with their software and to all mobile phone users who support Gphone platforms without having to worry about what their phone models are, or which operator to use.

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Opening up software code to outside developers is becoming more common in the technology industry, for example, where tens of thousands of companies have integrated Google Maps into their sites to help customers search for offices. At the same time, Google offers a variety of third-party programs, such as the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, on its customizable homepage, igoogle.

Even so, the wireless industry, which controls the use of software by operators and handset makers, has not been popularized. Earlier this year, Google had to come up with a special partnership with handset maker LG to deliver its YouTube video service to LG's new handsets. Another operator, At&t, has opted to work with Apple to support Google apps--google Maps, search and YouTube in their iphone, released in June.

This relatively closed system allows service providers and handset makers to tightly control the services and handsets they buy, but many of the best app makers are left out of the door. For example, Symbian, the most common operating system for smartphones, has less than 40% per cent of third-party applications, according to statistics.

Google's model for developers, not only means to provide more excellent new programs and new revenue sources, but also likely to affect the mobile industry and other mobile operating systems to cooperate with the way. "The industry will show a whole new picture," said Thomas Howe, head of the communications software consultancy, Thomas Howe Co. ”

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Since rumours about Gphone, developers have begun to circulate, including Apple, to open up their mobile software platforms to programmers. "The mobile platform will be a very common thing next year," says developer Craig Hockenberry. "We are at the cusp of a major shift in mobile technology. ”

Part of this shift is in the integration of Mobile Linux application developers. "There are a lot of bits and pieces of development work at the moment," said Jerry Panagrossi, vice president of Symbian's US operations. "Each developer must modify the code for each application for different versions of mobile Linux." "And for the Gphone version of Linux design products, open source developers will be able to unify, reduce the development costs." ABI, a market-consulting firm, predicts that Linux will be the fastest-growing smartphone operating system for the next five years. "Google has enough power to promote and motivate developers," Automattic's Schneider said.

Part of the reason developers are so excited is that they are getting a new source of revenue: mobile advertising, rather than user membership fees alone. Developers will be able to share advertising revenues that are displayed in their applications. Three weeks ago, the Handmark company, which sold applications and content for PDA, began displaying banners and search ads in its applications, showing that the click-through of the ads was 9%, and that the customer conversion rate was 10%. By contrast, PC Web banner ads are often less than 1% clicks.

Voice input software maker Mike Phillips, one of Vlingo's founders, said, "development benefits everyone." "Google has always kept its mouth shut, but rumors are still rife among mobile developers," he said. "We certainly want Google to provide a water-free mobile platform so that you can have a zenzui," said Sangiovianni, founder of mobile device tool software maker. ”

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