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Graduate medical training camp based on the medical department of Peking University, founded in 2007, the camp is affiliated to the Beijing Haidian District Research Training School, is the industry's only in Beijing Municipal Education Commission record, with the legal qualification of medical postgraduate training base, is also He Bancheng teacher only recommended medical postgraduate training base. is currently the largest, the highest acceptance rate, the most qualified teachers of medical training base.

Graduate Medical Postgraduate training camp brings together the He Bancheng, Yugi, Sui Quasi, Wang Qiang, Li Rui, including nearly all of the teacher resources of the field of medicine.

First, the author put forward the "free trial for one months" and "0 risk" to choose the trial-learning mode of remedial class.

First, the author put forward a direct interview with the instructor directly face-to-head communication mode, received the unanimous approval of many medical candidates.

Over the past few years to tutor nearly thousands of medical postgraduate students into the North Medical, Concord, Ober and other medical universities, single branch on-line rate, the initial on-line rate of more than 90%, the second-interview admission rate has been maintained 0 error record.

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