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When I access the Internet in an Internet cafe, I feel that I am not very steadfast. However, if I want to delete my personal online record in an Internet cafe, I still need to use the network management software. Next, let's talk about how to break through the limitations of the network management software and easily Delete the information left over from the Internet.

I. Cookie records
Cookies are data files sent from Web servers to computers. They record important information such as user names and passwords, and even include your bank account information!

To view Cookies, you must access the C partition. However, the management software of Internet cafes generally prohibits access to this partition. For example, the popular management software Meiping, Vientiane, and the recovery genie are different, but their working principles are similar: use a virtual desktop environment to replace Windows desktops. By setting a ban on basic operations of various Windows systems, users are forced to be active only under software restrictions. The key to uninstalling the network management system is how to access the local hard disk. Once you access the local hard disk, you can delete the cookie and other personal information to be mentioned later.

Open a webpage, click "file"> "Save as" in the menu of IE browser, select any folder in the pop-up window, and press Shift + F10 to right-click the folder, select "Resource Manager" or "My Computer" to open the selected folder.

Second trick:
If you are not lucky, the "Resource Manager", "My Documents" and other windows will be disabled, and the first move will be ineffective. However, there is no QQ program in Internet cafes. Hey hey, open your QQ and click the "TE Browser" icon on the panel to start the TE browser. The settings made by Meiping are useful for IE, however, TE is not used at all. Are you sure everything is going out?

Third trick:
Isn't that bad luck? The other party adds "Tencent Explorer" to the "Disable" tab of the "management" tab? Don't be disappointed. Please click the IE favorites icon. A favorites project area appears in the browser. select any of the items, right-click them, and select "properties ", in the "properties" dialog box, the address bar is the URL of the favorite project. Change it to "C :( or another drive letter you want to access )", click "OK" to save and exit, return to the browser window, and click the recently modified favorites. Haha, go in! Figure 1 ). Now, open the c: \ windows \ cookies directory and you will be able to see some of the website messages you have browsed.

Ii. QQ records
When you access the Internet in an Internet cafe, you must pay attention to QQ. Some QQ theft programs are directed at the QQ records you have left in the Internet cafe. If online users can promptly delete files with personal information recorded on the machine after accessing the internet in the Internet cafe, they can avoid most attackers and do not have to worry about being exploited to crack the password. The solution is to right-click the QQ shortcut and select "properties" from the pop-up menu before leaving the Internet cafe ", in the "directory" column, find the path of the QQ directory and enter it. You can see the folder named by your number and then delete it cleanly.

However, if the network management software does not allow you to delete files or right-click your files, what should you do?

Don't worry, please do it again.

Step 1:
Enable the micro-soft PinYin Input Method (if other input methods are not used ).

Step 2:
Insert the cursor into the text input box of the membership card number, and then enter any pinyin letter into it. Then, the pinyin status bar appears. Right-click the status bar and choose, or use the property key on the keyboard to display a drop-down menu and select the definition phrase (Rest assured, even if the system restricts the right-click, it does not work here ).

Step 3:
If the network management software locks the right-click button, you also need to right-click it and call it out. In the case of disabling the right-click button on the webpage, we will come up with many ways to crack it, in fact, some of these methods can also be transplanted to the operating system.

This article introduces the most common and most effective method: Right-click the file or shortcut icon to be operated, and then click the left button, at last, the right-click menu is displayed. In addition, you can use the left-click button to select the file to be deleted, and press shift + F10 to display the right-click menu in resource manager.

Step 4:
Right-click the file and choose Save As text file from the shortcut menu.

Step 5:
In the displayed dialog box, right-click a folder and select resource manager!

Step 6:
Select the folder and file you want to delete. Everything is OK. The preceding deletion methods are used to test the network management software.

Step 7:
Some users do not want to delete their own records. They can use Winzip to compress the account Directory into a package file, add a pair of Logon password to the package file, and change it to an unexpected extension. During compression, set "run" to "move file", and hook the file before "include folder content" and "save other layer Folder Information. After compression is complete, the account directory is empty, and you no longer have to worry about the secret exposure, unless others know the name and password of the compressed package. Put the package file in an invisible corner or a floppy disk on the hard disk. For restoration, you can simply unpackage it to the QQ installation disk using Winzip. It can also protect the QQ privacy in Internet cafes.

Iii. Temporary File history
Online users store a large number of temporary files in temporary folders! It's easy for others to gain a peek. Be sure to delete it!

The specific settings are as follows:
Open tool → Internet Options for IE, and click the delete file button of the Internet temporary files project under the General tab. A warning is displayed, select "delete all offline content" and click "OK. In the same panel, there is also a "delete history" button, which can be cleared together with the above method.

However, the Internet cafe's network management software is afraid that you are moving towards IE. Generally, the "tool" column of IE is disabled, the "Internet Options" in the "Tools" Column cannot be used.
How can we crack this prohibition?
This time we need to use the shortcut key, find "WIN", that is, the Microsoft icon, and then + D, refresh the desktop. The desktop under Meiping is actually a directory specified by Meiping, while the original desktop is hidden. Refresh is a refresh of the original desktop, as long as you do not switch other windows, my computer will always exist on the desktop.

What you need to do is: open my computer and click up to open the desktop in the form of a window. What you need to do is to create a new text document and input the following lines:



"NoFavoritesMenu" = dword: 00000000

Save it as any REG file. Note that the last line must be empty). Then you need to import it, when you turn on my computer again, you will see the cute file and tool menu in IE blocked by the network management software. Then you can delete your history and temporary files.

Iv. Form and password
The browser has its own password memory function. If you enter the mailbox and BBS, the browser prompts you whether to allow the WEB to automatically save your password. If you click "yes", next time you enter, you do not need to enter the password. This function of the browser is indeed very convenient. If you are at home, this is not an important issue; but it is in an Internet cafe. If you use this function, you just forgot to clear it from the machine. I am afraid you will be miserable.

The specific settings are as follows:

(1) On Internet Explorer's "Tools" menu, click "Internet Options ".

(2) Click the "content" tab.

(3) In the personal information area, click Automatic completion"

4) in the "form username and password" and "prompt me to save password" check boxes, remove "√" and click "clear form" and "Clear password" options, in the displayed dialog box, click "OK" to clear the form and password that you saved in your browser. If the "tool" button of your browser is disabled in the Internet cafe, you can use the third method to crack it.

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