How do I teach online marketing students?

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If I teach these students, I may teach them this way. At first, I would like to talk about some concepts, but I should clarify their development direction and application, and leave some questions for students to discuss and study. Then, let the students form a project team to study the cases, analyze the technologies and knowledge needed, and help them summarize and write the program. Then, students in each group are encouraged to show their plans. Focus on the technology and knowledge used in the student program and provide guidance. After the students have some knowledge, they will be asked to find a project or a subject for actual practice. when they encounter problems in practice, they will sum up and extract relevant technologies and knowledge to concentrate on the situation. In this process, more students are allowed to participate in planning and implementation, and they can analyze new affairs on the Internet as Internet PR officers. Of course, when teaching their technology, in order to gradually enhance the technology and knowledge, they will control the goals reached in the implementation of the solution. Finally, when students finish their studies, they can write their own implementation cases and quickly describe how to design, plan, and implement new cases based on their own practices.
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