How does HP business notebook Manage BIOS user account?

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1, Management BIOS user account, need to log on to the administrator's account, boot Non-stop Click F10 key into the BIOS, select Security, click the Setup BIOS Administrator Password, Create the account password for the administrator.

惠普商用笔记本怎么管理Bios User账户?-惠普商用笔记本

2, after the creation of the administrator's account password, current user will show that the account is already a BIOS administrator account, you can choose User management access.

惠普商用笔记本怎么管理Bios User账户?-惠普商用笔记本系列

3, enter the User management option, will show the created account, or you can click Create New BIOS User Accont creation account, the creation can choose Admin (Administrator account) or User (ordinary account), after the creation, Displays the name of the account and what kind of account information was created.

惠普商用笔记本怎么管理Bios User账户?-惠普商用笔记本电脑

4. When you click on the created account, you can reset the password (reset Password) to the account you created and delete the operation of the account (delete accounts). Cancel to reverse back to the previous interface.

惠普商用笔记本怎么管理Bios User账户?-戴尔和惠普商用笔记本

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