How to access a SQL Server 2008 database from a computer IP address

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before setting up an extranet to access the SQL2008 database, you must first ensure that there is no problem with access SQL2008 within the LAN. Then, we first look at the local area network access to the SQL2008 database what steps and settings to be able to enter the SQL2008 database IP address and port number on any machine on the LAN can be accessed.
1.sql2008 database-side Settings
usually a machine installed SQL2008, to achieve LAN access SQL2008 only a few steps.
1) Open the SQL2008 Configuration tool, steps: Start, All Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, configuration tools, SQL Server Configuration Manager ";
2) in the Open Configuration interface, double-click on the left "SQL Server network Configuration", you can see the protocol of the native installed DB instance, generally have "SQL Express protocol" and "MSSQLSERVER" protocol, if you do not use the default instance name when installing, So here you should find yourself a database instance name that you need to set up an extranet to access, double-click it;
3) At this point, you can see four protocols, generally enable the first three, disable the last one, that is, enable "Shared memory", "Named Pipes" and "TCP/IP", disable "VIA";
4) When "TCP/IP" is enabled, by the way the right mouse button for the protocol properties, set the open port, in IP1-IP9 can be set to 1433, "active" and "Enabled" are selected "Yes", the last Ipall can also be set to 1433;ok, You must restart the server under the SQL Server service item on the configuration page for the settings to take effect, and it is recommended that you restart the computer if this does not work.
5) You can turn off the configuration tool, then open "SQL Server Manager Studio", log into your database, open in the "Object Explorer" to find your database server root node, right mouse button, select "Aspect", in the context drop-down menu, select " Peripheral application Configuration ", find romotedacenabled below, set to True, and then restart the database, (this option does not seem to play a role in the course of my setup, not set to true as if the remote can also access);
6) Set up here can basically achieve access to the SQL2008 database within the LAN. If not, please X:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\mssql10. Mssqlserver\mssql\binn\sqlservr.exe sets the process exception in Windows Firewall and X:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\shared\ Sqlbrowser.exe is set to an exception, the 1433 port is also set as an exception.

How to access a SQL Server 2008 database from a computer IP address

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