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Believe that many people are in the lithium battery group industry collection marketing, Baidu engine bidding is the basis of every factory is necessary, this article introduces the key words of the inevitable point of the basic word and the link word quality of the premise of high, we how to choose high-quality hub words and high conversion rate of key words, about how to regress the conversion rate, you need to know that conversion rate and the key words of the creative relationship between the connection, whether the conversion success, a good creative problem has been successful 50%, to ensure that the title of the secondary sex. Lithium battery pack and how to collect marketing how to analyze the bidding keywords? Lithium battery pack Manufacturers general compilers explained below, small head bidding assistant today to give you detailed explanation.

Believe that the total number of bidders in the city has two statistics, one is Baidu statistics, the other is the key word statistics in business, in advance a company with some of the auction staff also exchanged, asked him the situation of the auction, he said that he has 5-6 thousand keywords on the site, the quality of Samsung's arrival of more than 90%, This is theoretically a good account, but when we talk about conversion rates, he is shaking his head.

For his kind of situation, lithium battery group loss Factory editor-in-chief who asked him two achievements, you are doing lithium battery even network promotion every day Baidu statistics inside the top 20 of the most expensive keywords you to analyze it? Your daily business through the process of keywords you to analyze it? He shook his head and said, "to analyze this?" he saw in addition to the hospital bid, he also bid, blindly to others to compete, take the boss's money to play tourism, this is a cup of work, one months of the price of waste less say there are many how much less million dollars, so much money in vain to pay the flow of East Water, Are they not a little sore?

How to analyze the bidding keywords for the bidding staff

Is here to He Dou is, I hope that the auction staff to connect a habit, to have a habitual analysis of Baidu statistics, must follow the daily, weekly, monthly traffic large keywords, ranked in the top 18 of the minimum to track, these keywords can be your overall Australians situation, These keywords if there is a lower conversion rate, to immediately stop missing, and such as the keyword "Lithium battery group" "Lithium battery group Consumer manufacturers" and other keywords, belong to the hot word conversion rate third day must be followed, followed by the treatment of the key word conversion rate is also higher, If this two kinds of other key words of the bidding staff to pay attention to their floating anytime and anywhere.

How to analyze business statistics by auction staff

Business statistics is to compete Baidu statistical cooperation analysis, this is how to analyze the BID keyword error is often secondary, lithium battery group consumption factory Editor-in-chief said that we want to put the weekly, monthly business through the conversion of keywords and Baidu statistics stop for according to, make specific statements, reports to emerge this a number of individual examples.

1, to count the high amount of keywords

2, to statistical consulting more keywords

3, to statistics high booking rate of keywords

These three missing one no, some of the keywords you think are good, if you get no good consultation, so there can be your soft landing page assembly achievements.

How to match the key words accurately by the bidding staff

Occasionally I will be Baidu search some of the key words, and then call the auction staff from backstage to send over the website, click into, find the keyword with the article Posture Pattern Bull head not about the horse mouth, this is a communication of the truth, they did not think, if they are patients, from Baidu search words into the site, And what you see is not what you need, there will be a degree of support? Will you look at it? This tends to erupt traffic, IP, and reduce consulting and prevention.

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