How to learn the Java language from scratch

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1. How to learn the Java language from scratch

Many friends are confused about learning a new language and how to learn the Java language well.

How to learn the Java language, divided into two kinds of technical personnel

1) The first: a technician with a programming language

It industry friends, should be capable of programming language technology, learning the Java language is not difficult things. The so-called understanding of a language will be other languages. Why say so, should they have some basic knowledge of programming, they know how to learn technology. (But here's one thing to remember: don't think you know a programming language to learn other languages is easy.) Just skip some basic knowledge and not learn. If that's the case, correct the wrong idea right away, because you learn the language instantly, but you just know the fur. (Cooked words: learning things like building a house, lay a good foundation, can build a good house.) )

2) The second type: a technician without programming language

A technician without a programming language, who wants to learn a language, is really hard to learn. This article is written primarily for people with no programming skills. Please see below. (A friend with programming experience please skip)

2. How to learn the Java language quickly

1) Learn about Java's historical information (Baizhanbudai)

2) Choose a Java book that is intuitive to read (try not to use electronic books, e-book learning efficiency compared to the bottom)

3) Choose a training institution to learn (for wealthy and time-rich people using the program)

3. Developing the Java language Self-study technology

Speaking of self-study, here we have a lot of friends will go online to find a lot of Java language video and books. Yes (the network has a lot of basic Java language Video and books) because there are many, here we can not choose to see who told the video and who choose the book.

Above I said how to quickly learn the Java language inside the choice of a natural understanding of the books.

(The proverb says: The book has its own gold house, the book has its own Yanruyu), here I do not recommend you look at the network above the Java video.

1) Because too many, can not choose

2) Some video tutorials are not comprehensive

3) Watching videos like watching movies, reading basic Forget (remember the important knowledge and content)

4, how to choose a good Java book

When we went to the library and saw a row of Java books, we were at the head of the big feeling (hehe, I have also had, know how to choose the book, sometimes want to buy a copy, this is just think about it). Here I will teach you a good book method.

1) The directory of all Java books to see once (here can be selective, sometimes mostly, we can choose to search through Baidu, what book suitable for beginners. Because the online evaluation of a lot, it is recommended to write down the title to the library to find, first check the contents of these books)

2) Choose a few books that you feel fit for yourself (this is not for you to buy, but for you to choose the basic book)

3) Watch the content of the several books you choose (here is the comparison of the contents of the book, in fact, many of the book beginners inside the content of 60-70% are the same acquaintance, here only about the content is not the same part)

4) If you choose a book you can read more than 80%-90% (Buy it, you can not buy, do not waste money.) Maybe you have more money, you can buy it. Rich is human nature! Oh

5, the Java Self-study tour began

1) The book has been bought (must see, every day must insist on reading more than 10 pages.) Buy back does not look equal to the rubbish)

2) coding according to the Code of the book (there are a lot of books in the small part of the code is a bit of a problem, because the book is people, knocking code is also people, so please carefully read the book Knowledge and Code)

3) Skilled knocking out the code of the book explanation (must be able to close the book can be successfully knocked out, if not please continue to master the code, that later work will not give you books, so you follow the book to Knock Code)

6, Java First book learning to learn to read more basic Java video

1) Why Java Basic Video (because a lot of web-based education, there is a unique way to explain, so as to strengthen the Java Language Foundation)

2) Why consolidate the Java Foundation (as I said above, learning technology, like building a house, the foundation of the good, you have succeeded half, the other is to fill your technical knowledge and programming mode)

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How to learn the Java language from scratch

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