How to hide url parameters in Php

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How does Php hide the url of the get method following the url parameter? How does Php hide the first url without post? All
Http:// Username = & pcname = & remoteIP = & dtime1 = & dtime2 = & result = & region = sh & ticket = 5219783F8B
To achieve this, you can:
Http:// /#
Thank you very much for providing detailed methods.

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// Find an encryption algorithm on the Internet, suppose the method is a $ key = a ('username = & pcname = & remoteIP = & dtime1 = & dtime2 = & result = & region = sh & ticket = 5219783F8B '); Key = $ key

How to write this Rewrite rule
Convert from rewrite? C = abc & B = dcb
/Abc/dcb? ** = Cgg .....
Convert from rewrite? C = abc & B = dcb & ** = cgg .....

echo ''.base64_encode('username=xx&pcname=yy&remoteIP=zz&region=sh&ticket=5219783F8B');//'dXNlcm5hbWU9eHgmcGNuYW1lPXl5JnJlbW90ZUlQPXp6JnJlZ2lvbj1zaCZ0aWNrZXQ9NTIxOTc4M0Y4Qg=='),$arr);echo "
";print_r($arr);echo "
";/*Array( [username] => xx [pcname] => yy [remoteIP] => zz [region] => sh [ticket] => 5219783F8B)*/

1. encrypted url parameters
2. use POST

The first and third floors are supported!
The second floor has great limitations! Generally, url rewriting can be performed for static pages.

Base64_encode and base64_decode can be decrypted. Therefore, you must add a key to encrypt and decrypt the data.
For example:

Anti-gentleman or anti-villain? If it is an anti-bot, we recommend that you give up directly or use https + post instead. If you are an anti-DDoS professional, refer to the encryption algorithm upstairs for encryption. However, it is easy to decrypt the data.

What do I do if I have read the expected address of the landlord without parameters and do not need post?
The first few answers should contain at least one parameter.

I feel that it is of little practical use. Even if the URL is encrypted, you can decrypt it.

Ajax is not obvious.

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