How to Learn JavaEE from scratch

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How to Learn javaee from scratch
The following are my experiences with Java. Today I spent more than an hour summing up and hope to help you. If the summary is incorrect, please point out and criticize it! Provide a learning path for beginners who want to learn Java. First of all, we need to make it clear that the external recruitment of Java mainly refers to the J2EE, that is, the reason why the bsstructure (browser and server structure) Java is so popular is that the bsstructure is not in the CS structure, so none of you have heard that this type of large-scale online games is made in Java! Secondly, you can consult the enterprise-level Java software engineers for training, which may take thousands or tens of thousands. For some friends who have just graduated from college, this is a huge expense. In my opinion, the free resources on the Internet can be used to quickly accumulate experience.
Basic stage
1. You need to know the HTML language and foreground, and think of some common HTML labels. I recommend that you learn about HTML + CSS + JavaScript, or the HTML language quick cut by Jack sun.
2. Master the JAVA basics, that is, J2SE. We recommend that you learn the J2SE video of Jack Ma (currently the best java basics video tutorial on the network, and the j2se tutorial of MLDN is also good ). At that time, I learned videos from teachers Zhang Xiaoxiang and Sun Xin, who studied J2SE. (I still didn't know about Jack Ma's teacher! I think Sun Xin's previous lectures are worth reading for beginners. They mainly talk about binary content. I think these content is very helpful for beginners. I suggest you first watch the video of Sun Xin and then watch the video of Jack Ma. If you have time, you can watch the video of Jack Zhang. (However, the Mandarin is not very good but the speed is very slow, not to mention technology! Haha http: // video tutorial/01.rm ). Learning Videos is not enough. Of course, you must have a reference book. I recommend you (Sun weiqin) JAVA object-oriented programming. I have read this book and it is very good.
At this stage, I would like to emphasize that JDK1.4 is used because the videos produced by Zhang Xiaoxiang and Sun Xin are earlier. Currently, JDK5.0 (JDK5.0) has many new features on the market. Neither Zhang Xiaoxiang nor sun Xin has mentioned the video. For a video on the new features of JDK5.0, I suggest you watch the new series of videos on JAVA5.0 in the Forum.
Database stage
Generally, PHP corresponds to the MySQL database, ASP corresponds to the SQL database, and JSP corresponds to the ORACLE database. Therefore, you will often see that JAVA training on the market uses ORACLE databases. In fact, you have learned ORACLE databases and then learned MySQL and SQL databases. You will think there are many similarities, it's easy to learn. It's just like you can get started with J2EE and then learn. NET. The last point is that JAVA can use any database and select the appropriate database for different project needs.
I recommend that you use the enterprise-level ORACLE Database (Tang yuandong) as the learning video, and then review each knowledge point based on the ORACLE video of Shang xuexiang. I did not find a good ORACLE reference book. If you think there is a good ORACLE, you can leave a post for recommendation. Thank you first.
3. master basic XML knowledge. Used for JSP and Servlet server configuration in J2EE. Not proficient. At least, you must understand common XML code. The recommended video is Sun Xin's XML video, but now Mr Zhang Xiaoxiang seems to have launched an XML video. For more information, see (Sun Xin) Java Web development.
Advanced Stage
First, I learned Servlet and JSP, And then I learned the most popular software skills necessary for network programming, such as struts, hibernate, and spring.
To learn servlet, I suggest you learn the servlet of the J2EE series of Practical Videos of Han shunping.
I suggest you learn the JSP video tutorial from instructor Li Xinghua! The recommended reference book is Servlet and JSP core programming.
The framework is based on Servlet and JSP. First, you should learn the Struts framework, a typical MVC model. The recommended learning video is Zhang Xiaojing's struts video. I think it is very suitable for beginners. (I am not using sun Xin's J2EE video on the Internet. I mainly talk about the struts, hibernate, and spring frameworks. I suggest you do not watch them for beginners. This is recorded by students secretly, in some cases, the connections are not very good. It may be difficult for beginners to understand. You will benefit a lot when you have three false frames) sun weiqin, author of the recommended book, describes Java that is proficient in struts based on MVC. web design and development.
Then there is the Hibernate framework. You can watch the hibernate video from instructor Li Xinghua. Refer to the book sun weiqin, "proficient in hibernate: Java object persistence technology details".
At last, the video about the Spring framework is now available in the dimension learning space with the struts, hibernate, and spring frameworks of the 149 class of Shang xuexiang, and the sound is clear. This is a popular video tutorial on the Internet.
After learning the content of the above three stages, you can also look at JSF, Ajax, and EJB! Currently, Ajax is very popular. I would like to mention it here. Before learning Ajax, we must have the Javascript Foundation. We recommend that you develop the Javascript webpage in the video Zhang Xiaoxiang, this set of videos has the corresponding supporting book JavaScript web page development. If you want to have a basic understanding of the program, you can refer to the tutorial of javasript of Shang xuexiang. You can finish the example program exercises in one day. AJAX can be used to learn the basic Ajax tutorial of Chuanzhi.
Project Phase
The content of the above learning is scattered. You need to use a few small projects to concatenate them, just like a line that concatenates all pearls. We recommend a video of the think tank project of Mr Li Xinghua.
Finally, I need to explain that all the videos I recommend can be downloaded online for free, and all the recommended books can be downloaded from the Internet. I personally always recommend that you do it for free! If you have any comments, lack of my summary, or you have any better videos or books, you can leave a post for us to learn and make progress together.
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