How to guide traffic in SEO optimization

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All along, the major sites in a variety of ways to attract traffic, such as the Web page design is very gorgeous, its purpose is to attract the attention of users.
How to guide the flow?

1, Exchange Friendship Links
The most convenient way to guide traffic is the exchange of friendship links, because as long as the swap friend chain, you can directly to the other side of the flow index to their own site, the same flow of their own website can also exchange the past, but the exchange of links are generally content or business has a certain relevance.
Because only the relevant friends chain, guide the user is effective, if the content of the site is not relevant, a military site to do with a website to do entertainment exchange friends chain, that effect can be imagined, because like to see the military users do not necessarily like entertainment, the same, like entertainment users may not like the military.
So in the friend chain when you have to do with business or content of relevance, because only the same type of site, the user on the site must have relevant needs, such a friend chain is the most effective and quality.

2, column or flow interchange
Each webmaster's energy is limited, so it is impossible to take into account each point, so you can complement each other.
For example, a site mainly to do military aspects of content, but also do entertainment and other aspects of the content, while the B site is the opposite, main entertainment part-time military.
Then the two sites can exchange columns and traffic, a station entertainment column to B station, the B station of the military column to a station.
This is in fact a kind of mutual benefit of the situation.

3. Advertising swaps
The exchange of advertising is more suitable for the same type of professional website, of course, the exchange of advertising is not only a certain advertising position interchange, but also includes the company's own products to promote the means.
The work of the advertising exchange, generally need to analyze the site of the site architecture design, the overall flow of analysis, as well as the display location of the ad position.
For some new sites, fast access to traffic is the king, for some of the above methods, is the new site or the user is not a small amount of roaming, but need to promote the site more applicable.

For these methods, in fact, very suitable for every SEO optimization of the people, because these methods are excellent, of course, if you have a better, welcome to the yard professor, we must be open-minded to learn.

How to guide traffic in SEO optimization

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