How to install Shellcheck in CentOS

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Shellcheck is a tool for checking shell scripts.
Developed using Haskell language.
In Ubuntu, the installation can be done directly using apt install Shellcheck
However, there is no Shellcheck package in Centos,yum, so another way to install

CentOS Installation Shellcheck

Since Shellcheck was developed in the Haskell language,

Therefore, you will think of using Haskell's package management tool cabal to install.

yum install cabal-install

This way, you can use the Cabal install to mount things.

There is still some work to do before cabal install Shellcheck.

Note that the following instructions will be installed in the ~/.cabal/bin directory

cabal updatecabal install cabalcabal install shellcheck

Cabal Install cabal means the installation of the necessary cabal library, or the installation of Shellcheck will be error, necessary.

Interestingly, in a the user installed the above things,
Su to B user, the above steps also get once, hehe

Jenkins using Shellcheck

The Jenkins user of the CI server has installed Shellcheck, and only needs to add path/home/jenkins/.cabal/bin to use Shellcheck

How to install Shellcheck in CentOS

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