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The Washington Post published an article on Ted leonsis in middle November. This is not uncommon, because he is a rich businessman and star. What's strange is that he doesn't like the results of searching his own name on Google, so he decides what to do.

Some people may think that leonsis should be happy to see his name in the Google search results, but it is too normal for a person who is in the same position as him. He is vice chairman of United States online and owns a majority stake in the Washington Capitals community team, mystics Women's Basketball Club, and a minority stake in the NBA wizards. Of course, when I searched for his name in Google last year, he saw various news, which he thought was not good enough.

The public exposure of news is very good, but you basically cannot control its content. Reporters usually do not lie on purpose, but if you rely only on them to spread your reputation, you will find that they will delete some details you want to report, or report some details you want to delete. Leonsis is faced with a problem that any business person may face, that is, if people see the information they want them to see and rank top in search engine results. Leonsis explained: "in the search results, you want your information to appear on the first page. If you are not on the first three pages, you will not exist ."

So what is the first step? Leonsisi started to write his blog named "Ted's take ". Writing a blog is common now, even for those who don't care about the search engine rankings at all. I know many people who use blogs to communicate with their friends about their living conditions and read others' blogs for the same reason. A blog is a good direction for commercial organizations that care about the ranking of search engine results, because most blogs have good Seo potential, clear navigation, and closely linked pages. But the key lies in how to deal with it after you start writing a blog.

Leonsis wants to find out what Google's algorithms think is important. He knows that if he cracks this, he can get information at any time. Google ranks a website in a certain position in search engine results for many factors, but leonsis found that three factors are very important.

* Website popularity. The reason why a webpage ranks higher in search engine results is that these pages are more popular than other pages.

* Link. If a webpage gets one-way links that many other websites direct to, the page ranks high in the search engine results. The links between blogs are natural, free, and one-way.

* Content freshness. The more content you add, the higher the ranking of your website in the search engine results.

So how does leonsis apply these three points to his blog? He used the fact that people are interested in others, especially celebrities. Therefore, he posts his part of life as a rich businessman who often deals with celebrities. For example, an article about meeting with Lionel Ritchie and enjoying impromptu performances.

Needless to say, these are Link bait. Leonsis writes some celebrity articles that viewers want to read. The bloggers quickly started to link their articles. Leonsis also reported that Li started to link his favorite blog related to local sports. He even links to mark Cuban's blog. You may only know that he is the one who says that he bought YouTube and that he is a fool, but he is the boss of another team. Many of these blogs link their blogs in turn. To increase traffic, he linked to the website of the Washington Capitals community team on his blog website.

Both popularity and link are available. The third is freshness. leonsis publishes several blog posts every day. To help people find these articles, he added tags to his blog posts. What he can do now is to start and wait.

The problem with leonsisi is to be familiar with someone who has made Seo. For a while, nothing has appeared. He didn't see any changes in Google's results. In fact, it takes several months to improve the ranking of search engine results. At present, when the blog of leonsis is poor, there are 800 visitors, and when it is good, there are more than 15000 visitors.

It took a year for leonsis to see what he wanted to see. This is very familiar to many people who have experience with Seo. Many well-known Seo companies believe that it takes a year to see significant results. These people often write articles about search engine optimization and know what results they should expect. To some extent, the Washington Post has helped Seo everywhere. At any time, if a patient always says why his website is not before the search engine results (even if you have been working for his website for the whole month ), ask him to read this article and hope his vision can be relaxed.

When the Washington Post published this article, his AOL resume appeared at the top of the TED leonsis query on Google, next, his blog "Ted's take", his resume on the Washington Capitals community team website and Wikipedia's articles on him. The 5th links are a piece of news, that is, the Washington Post's live online interview with him. Some changes have been made in the check conducted at the end of December. Wikipedia's article ranking has slightly increased. His AOL resume has disappeared, and the news has become fourth, however, his blog "Ted's take" and his resume pages on the Washington Capitals website are still very high.

Leonsis is proud of his beautiful job, but he has a bigger goal. He wants to add some videos and images to his blog. When people search for him in Google image search, he can control the results. He is not satisfied with the "weird" photos taken by the Washington Post in the search results. He recalled: "I have some good pictures. I want them to appear in the results ."

If you want this effect, you don't need to be a celebrity or a famous merchant. Of course, this is helpful, but not necessary. You only need to work hard to comply with basic requirements. You already know how important it is to write articles about popular topics, get links, and publish articles frequently. Let's extract the key points.

If you want to copy the TED leonsis blog writing mode to your business activities, you need to consider your topic. What do you want to attract? What are they searching? You cannot avoid this. You need to consider the keywords you use for your blog. However, you have to be smart. You can try a keyword with high traffic, but how much chance do you have to rank and get visitors. It is best to pick a popular word, so that you can have a larger chance to rank a little higher and attract more traffic, and may be more targeted (to switch to more customers ).

Once you decide what keywords to use, what should you do? You don't want to be associated with cheating, so you don't need to use keywords everywhere in your blog to talk about problems related to your blog topic. The keywords will naturally pop up. Other keywords that can be used include the title, category name, page url, and any Technorati tag that appears after each blog. Another way to improve the blog ranking is to submit your blog to the blog directory. In this way, you can get some good one-way links.

Finally, I want to talk about the time and frequency. You may have seen that it is a good thing to update blogs frequently. Leonsis updates her blog several times a day. If you cannot continuously write what is happening or what is happening in your life, there is no need to make yourself so tired. Some blog software allows you to write a lot of articles in advance and post them as scheduled. Therefore, you can write a blog post for one week or even one month at a time and then write it again later.

The frequency will be so much. What about time? Knowing when and how long the search engine spider program will visit your website. The access time of search engine spider programs is fixed. You may find that it is one month or one month. If it finds a new blog post when it accesses your website, it will probably know when to visit your website.

As for another type of visitor to your website, you will find that it will be better if you adjust the blog software. You 'd better ask the blog software to ping the server only once a day during the update process. You 'd better ping the server every morning instead of every update, or ping the server at a fixed time, no matter when you update the server.

Leonsis can change Google's search results to see what he wants to see. His work is not very novel. patience and hard work have rewarded him. You can also.

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