How to participate in SEO training is learning optimization method or optimization idea

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With the rapid development of search, more and more enterprises began to go into the internet to promote their own products, and the use of the network to promote the natural need to build stations, so that it highlights their professional, of course, not after the site is completed, but also to the site to do a series of optimization processing, so that it more in line with the search and user taste. Of course, this also push out the SEO industry, now the SEO training is springing up, let people overwhelmed ah. But the author in the forum to see a lot of friends said to participate in SEO training in the end for what. I also participated in an SEO training, today to talk about participating in SEO training is to learn methods or ideas.

The author from last July to participate in a certain SEO training, from the beginning to participate in the purpose is mainly to learn some system optimization knowledge at the same time to make friends, of course, SEO training for this industry, the teaching quality is uneven, I dare not say which training is the most effective, Different people take part in the same institution with a feeling of not wanting to. And for the author, in fact, to participate in SEO training in the end to learn what? If I ask you, you may say is in order to improve their website rankings, in order to learn the optimization methods of cattle and so on the general statement, and more say is for the rise of the SEO industry. Such an idea is just a comfort, frankly speaking, seo this thing is actually no one can fully grasp, and no one can completely understand it, at most, through some data analysis and then speculate about the meaning of it. such as a lot of webmasters are good rankings need a lot of outside the chain support, but some sites of the outside chain is poor, but the ranking is still strong, but when you see such an example, whether he was included as a search for the human intervention? Then you are still struggling to insist on SEO optimization?

To participate in SEO training for some new beginners is very tempting, their initial idea is to participate in training can optimize the site, ranking higher, more traffic. But according to the author and a few friends of the conversation, they also participated in SEO training, a lot of training is actually to give you a few cases, and then let you know the truth, and those examples are outdated and outdated, and its operating methods can no longer use. So even if you learn to his optimization method still useful? Just like three years ago, the way to get the rankings is mainly through the chain, but now or simply rely on the outside chain can support efficient rankings? And we are in the SEO training, whether to learn other people's optimization methods? You need to ask yourself this. The author thinks that the reference SEO training is not to learn its optimization method, but to learn optimization ideas, such as when the instructor to explain to you a certain use of the chain up the rankings, you want to learn how he did the chain or to learn his operation ideas?

In fact, the author has just begun to think that the purpose of participating in SEO training is to learn its optimization method, the idea of this thing is not thought of, but when they graduated from the training institutions, and then use the optimization method to optimize their website, found that the original is not workable, And many of the methods learned in training are used and used by others, can be said to be used rotten method, such a method how can now work? So, to put it another way, the validity period of the method is very short, we in the training, do not just want to learn his optimization methods, learning ideas is the most important. New ideas can lead to better methods, while ready-made methods hinder the extension of ideas. When you figure this out, you know how to participate in SEO training to learn the way or thinking.

For SEO this thing, is not just by lectures can understand, more SEO truth is from the actual combat experience, a SEO master will not be SEO said out, you ask him how to operate SEO, how to operate, SEO is what he can not answer out, Because SEO relies on saying is unable to say out, just like oneself accustomed to use keyboard typing, when others ask you how to hit a word, you may not say, but put the hand on the keyboard, hands will consciously press the corresponding button to go. In the current SEO training, some of them are SEO theory master, for SEO is what, how to operate and so on can answer a word does not show, and whenever the case, the same case of the optimization of the way to speak, in fact, who will not speak? Moreover, SEO is not by the said, More knowledge comes from the actual combat.

In the end, I repeat, not to say that all SEO training is empty shell, theoretical master, but in our training to participate in SEO, to ask yourself, you want to learn methods or ideas? If it is to learn methods, I suggest you self-study is better, if the study of ideas, it might as well try. Unconsciously said so much, in fact, anyway, in the author's opinion, to participate in SEO training learning optimization ideas than learning methods more important. This article by the Membrane Law family official website feeds, reprint please specify, thanks!

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