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  Many web designers make the most common mistake is that when its web page can be normal display in IE, the code is correct, and even often see someone complaining about their site rankings are not ideal, to their site to simply look at it can be found in the HTML code filled with a variety of errors, On the basis of that code no matter how much effort to optimize the site results may be put into the water ah!

  In fact, IE is a very high tolerance for HTML code of the browser,--to say the digression, although we can have a variety of reasons to attack Microsoft, but Microsoft's product operation of the changes in the hands and availability of the efforts are not to be obliterated. --web page can be in the normal display of IE does not mean that the page's HTML code is not a problem, even by extension, the Web page in a variety of browsers can be normal display does not mean that the HTML code is completely legitimate and effective, after all, which browser to ensure the basic fault-tolerant function, otherwise, Occurs even if the HTML page is not displayed properly because of a single point in the network transmission, which is still frequent today when network bandwidth remains tense.   What is valid HTML code   Simply put, our web page is made up of HTML (hypertext Markup Language: Hypertext link Markup Language) elements, even for dynamic pages such as ASP and PHP, which are also made by S erver the ASP or PHP statements into the corresponding HTML elements and upload them to the client, and for JavaScript, the client converts them to HTML.   As with other languages, HTML has its own syntax rules, whether it is browser or search engine spider are based on these rules to analyze the content of the Web page code. But most of the time, even for skilled people, the HTML page is built with some errors on the HTML code, not to mention most of the WYSIWYG editor caused by the bloated HTML redundancy problem.   If there is no component in the page that violates the HTML standard syntax, it can be called a valid HTML code   valid HTML code for SEO importance   to enable search engines to include our web page,--on this basis to talk about site optimization website promotion- -The premise is to let search engine spider can read our web files. Search engine Spider reading Web page is based on HTML specification, through the analysis of HTML code, spider can judge the content of the Web page, on this basis to judge the relevance of the corresponding keyword.   need to be clear, the search engine spider is different from the browser is that its fault tolerance compared to the browser is much worse, if the page code in the presence of its inexplicable HTML code, it may stop reading the page may even stop crawling in our site, Even more serious errors can cause it to discard content information from other pages in the site that have been collected.   Although today's major search engines are also trying to improve Spider's fault-tolerant ability toTo not affect the collection of content when there is a general error in the HTML code. But most of the time, it still happens if a closing tag causes the entire page's content to be ignored.   On the other hand, legitimate and effective HTML can also ensure that Web pages can be correctly interpreted in a variety of browsers, to avoid the same page under IE to show the normal under the Mozilla but serious deformation of the situation (of course, can not be completely avoided), This is also of great benefit in improving the usability of the site.   How do I verify that the HTML code is valid?   The internet has a lot of similar free services to help us verify that the code is legitimate and valid, the most famous of which is the Validator HTML, which is officially launched by the world Wide Web Consortium: Web Consortium, free Service project, you can simply enter the HTML address to be validated on its page or upload an HTML file on the local machine, and it will quickly return the results of the checksum, whether it is correct, if there are errors, and how to improve.   At the same time, the validator HTML also provides validation services for CSS files. Is   sure to pass the verification of the consortium?   The answer to this question is not so absolute.   Theoretically, legitimate HTML code can make it easier for search engine spider to collect content information from Web pages. On the other hand, not all of the HTML code errors will affect the spider crawl, that is to say, there are a small number of errors in HTML is also acceptable to spider, then, must be certified through the world of the consortium?   On the other hand, as in Mark Daoust's test, even the metaphor (not sure) there are a few HTML code errors in the page in the Google rankings can be more dominant, of course, there is a lot of controversy, But at least the existence of a small number of HTML code errors does not affect the ranking of web pages in Serp.   Personal opinion, if you are relatively unfamiliar with HTML, do not have to insist on 100% through the verification of the consortium, after all, put more time and energy to really should strive for the direction such as creating content and link is the root, but to ensure that there is no large severity error in the HTML code. Of course, if you're more proficient with HTML, why not take a little time to make sure it's all right? Therefore, we do not necessarily have to go through the authentication of the web, but at least to ensure that it in a variety of browsers to display normal, to ensure that the search engine spider can be normal analysis.   Improve the efficiency of HTML code   before IWe mentioned that many of the WYSIWYG editors created a bloated HTML redundancy problem, which is quite common in many Chinese websites. WYSIWYG editors such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, especially when they make changes to a Web page, often produce a lot of unnecessary redundant code. When the page's HTML file in the presence of a large number of redundant code, the file will become bloated, which will not only reduce the speed of web pages, damage to the efficiency of the Web page, but also seriously affect the search engine rankings of the page.   Instead of devoting its energies to a certain number of certification, I think it is better to put more effort into the code, such as the introduction of CSS, to achieve clean and concise code. This optimization effect will be more obvious.  

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