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The following is Ye Jianhui to Huizhou SEO blog to write a site SEO optimization program for your friends in the development of relevant web site SEO optimization plan for reference!

 I. Site positioning

Huizhou SEO Blog ( is a personal SEO blog, is Huizhou seo Ye Jianhui to pay attention to site SEO and website operation, and through its website SEO optimization practices and Web site operations Planning research.

Objectives and ideas: Huizhou SEO blog through a variety of means to promote, and the Site keyword optimization, thus bringing traffic, to achieve self practice and promote the effect of self.

Identify keywords

Because Huizhou SEO blog is a personal SEO blog, its more attention and website SEO optimization and website operation promotion and soft writing skills, so choose keywords are with the website operation optimization and soft writing related keywords.


Title: Huizhou SEO Blog-dedicated to Web site SEO optimization practices and Web site Operations Planning Research

Keywords: website seo, website operation, soft writing, Huizhou SEO

Description: Huizhou SEO blog is a focus on SEO optimization. website Operation planning SEO blog, focus on site SEO, website operation, soft writing skills!

 Two. Website structure optimization

1. Use pseudo static absolute address

2. Unified URL

3. Reasonable layout of Web page

4. Write a good robots.txt file, shielding do not need to be crawled pages

5. Do site Map

6. Do 404 Friendly Page

7. Reasonable use of nofollow label to avoid weight dispersion

8. A reasonable layout of the key words

9. Grasp the keyword density

10. Do the optimization picture, the ALT attribute setting

11. Rational construction of internal chain

12. Write the label of each page, especially important page

13. Completes the station each aspect detail optimization

 Three. Website content update

1. Adhere to a daily original article station update

2. In the article content carries on the reasonable distribution keyword

3. The main keyword should make the fixed page link

4. Properly do the internal chain anchor text

5. Use Excel to do long tail keyword record

Four. Outer chain construction

1. The regular construction of the chain, adhere to 30 daily

2. At the same time, the development of more outside the chain of resources

3. Looking for high correlation and other high quality friendship link exchange

 Five. Website Data analysis

1. Every day completes the website each basic data record (for example Baidu collects. Snapshot, reverse link, etc.)

2. Regular analysis of the site data records, so that the work of fine-tuning

3. Monitor and Review keyword rankings

3. Periodically check the Web site IIS log, analysis of spiders crawling crawl

4. Analyze Website Traffic sources

six. Website SEO optimization goal

Target and change the keyword rankings are in the Baidu home page. Traffic multiplied, let more people pay attention to Huizhou SEO blog (

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