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To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the drawing of cute cartoon little boy portrait of the tutorial.
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Let's take a look at the results of the production:

Figure 1: Cartoon boy finish diagram
Before you do it, remember to familiarize yourself with the black arrows in the Illusrtator Toolbox (also called the Selection tool, the shortcut key "V") and the white arrow (also called the direct Selection tool, the accelerator "A") tool (Figure 2), which will play an important role in our drawing process below. Using the black Arrow tool, we can select any object and path to move, scale, and rotate them. Using the white Arrow tool, we can make arbitrary changes to the path that makes up the object, in short, to change the shape of the line so that it meets the requirements. This "black and white double evil" can be said to be illusrtator to the vector graphics operation of the basic "weapon." In addition, there is a very useful shortcut key--undo shortcut key--ctrl+z, when not satisfied with this function can be restored to the original state.

Figure 2: Black, White arrow tool
Now, create a new 640*480 image file in Illusrtator, use the RGB color, and then select the Round tool in the left toolbox to draw a circle, and that's his head. (Figure 3) Use the Black Arrow tool to move the circle to where you like it, zoom it, turn it into the size you want, move the mouse to the color palette on the right, and choose a color you like, as his complexion. The values I use here are: r255,g181,b95. (Figure 4)

Figure 3: Create a new graphics file, select a circle tool and draw a basic circle of the head

Figure 4: Head Color adjustment and sizing
Let's think about that his face should not be a standard round. Okay, we're going to make his chin a little bit more sharp, at any point in the outer space of the circle, to cancel the selection of the circle. Select the white Arrow tool in the Toolbox to move to the circle. Recall that just now when we were drawing a circle, we could see that the circle had four endpoints up and down, which is the basic operating point of the path that made up this circle. Changing the position of any point can change the shape of the graphic. When the white arrow tool moves to any of the basic operating points, you will see a blank dot below it, indicating that it is under your control. Click the left mouse button, the graph appears to indicate that the state has been modified, the mouse said to move to any point after holding down the left button, you can change the shape of the graph arbitrarily. And hesitate to pull his chin down. In the process of drawing the head, I hope you can remember the operation of the Black Arrow and the White arrow as soon as possible. In the following text, we will not repeat this.

Figure 5: Filling (fill) and stroke (Stroke) selection

Figure 6:stroke Palette
Now it's time to draw his hair. In this step, we are familiar with the function of the fill (fill) and stroke (Stroke) selector (Figure 5). Double-click the fill or stroke frame to select the pop-up color selector to let you choose the color. The size of the strokes is managed by the Stroke palette on the right, (Figure 6) where we can enter values directly to determine the stroke thickness. This step is a bit difficult, test our mouse bar. Change the fill color to black, select the Pencil tool in the Toolbox (Figure 7) and hold down the left mouse button to draw the line on the canvas.
You can draw the shape of the hair in one breath, or you can draw the shape of the left hair, and then draw the right side. Have a general shape on the line, because the careful modification can be used "black and white double spirit" to slowly adjust, remember, must have patience. After painting, you can release the head to his head, with the black Arrow tool size, see, a little meaning. (Figure 8)

Figure 7: Pencil tool

Figure 8: The head after the hair is well added
Add an ear to him. Very simple, draw a long oval, select the fill color, with the Black Arrow tool zoom rotation, move to the right. Since this part is painted later, it will be at the top of all the graphs, covering the face. It's time to adjust. Right-click, select "Arrange→send to Backward" in the pop-up menu and move it to the back of your head. Then, copy and paste the ear and adjust it to the left. All two ears are out. (Figure 9)

Figure 9: The head after the ear is added.
The eye bead, is in the picture the vivid place, is not difficult to draw? Ah, draw two ellipses, one in black and the other in white, as shown together. Now, pull up the Pathfinder (Pathfinder) Panel, the shortcut key is shift+f9. Use the Black Arrow tool to select both ellipses, press the subtract (minus) button, the eyeball is done (note that, after pressing subtract, the original path of the two ellipse is actually retained, if you press the next "Expand" button, then the two elliptical paths will be one. If you need "Expand", look at your personal needs. )。 Then, add an oval to the eye, place it under the eyeball, and use the black arrow to adjust the size of the two, which is the eye. (Figure 10)

Figure 10: The drawing process of the eye

Figure 11: Line tool
The little boy is wearing a pair of glasses, so we need a pair of glasses. First of all, the lenses, with the previous steps, you might think immediately--an ellipse! Yes, the lens is actually an ellipse that has been adjusted with the White arrow tool and placed underneath the eye. Then use the "line Segment tool" (linear tool) on the toolbox to draw a straight line, (Fig. 11) To adjust the gradient and place it next to the lens, making half the frame. Well, he's got half the eye, and we're going to bang and draw his whole eye out. Use the Black Arrow tool to select this half eye, click the right mouse button, in the pop-up menu select "Transform (deformation) →reflect (reflection)", in the Reflect submenu select "Vertical" (horizontal), and then click on the lower right "Copy" button, We succeeded in making the other half of his eyes, carefully putting this part in the right place.
(Fig. 12) The connecting part in the middle of the glasses is actually an arc, which is made out of "arc tool". "ARC tool" hidden in front of the use of the line tool behind, with the left mouse button to click the Line tool, press and hold the left hand, a few seconds after the natural pop-up hidden menu for you to choose. Draw the arc after the Black Arrow tool processing in the middle of the two eyes. The drawing of the eye is finished. In order to facilitate the processing later, we want to merge this part, with the black arrow to select the entire eye, click the right mouse button, in the pop-up menu select "Group" (group) command, they are grouped together, adjusted to the size of the head. (Fig. 13) Yes, there's a nose. Then draw an arc below the eye. The whole head is done! (Figure 14)

Figure 12: Eye Drawing process

Figure 13: Eye Drawing Process Two
With the experience of drawing the head, you should also have some understanding of the body drawing. The body we're going to draw, as shown, you can imagine it as a combination of multiple ellipses and arcs. Our drawing in Illustrator, in fact, is the transformation and combination of these basic structures, mastering the skills of these transformations, you can do extrapolate, create the shape you want. In the following operations, we omit a lot of unnecessary text and illustrate the procedure by illustration.

Figure 14: The finished head
The drawing of the hand is a typical elliptic combination, where 5 ellipses are used altogether. There are 4 of them as fingers, and 1 as arms. As the ellipse of the finger is easy to draw, you just put it together as the diagram, and the ellipse of the arm needs some fine tuning with the white Arrow tool, and then combine them with the "merge" command in the "Pathfinder" panel. One thing to note is that the oval of the arm is painted, so it will be placed on top of 4 fingers, and you should put it on the back of your finger by right-clicking "arrange→send to Backward" in the menu. This step of the concrete operation as shown in the picture, no more words. (Figure 15)

Figure 15: Hand Drawing
After drawing a hand, let's recall the steps of drawing the eyes above. Because his body is symmetrical, we can use the same way as the eye to make his other half of the hand, also can draw his feet. In other words, we only need to do 3 more ellipses, one is his body, and the other 2 are grouped into his other feet. The torso completes the figure as shown. Well, to draw a good body, you have to draw 8 ellipses, since I want to draw so many ellipses, I would like to reveal a trick--in the ellipse, hold down the ALT key, and then hold down the left mouse button up and down to move around, you can easily draw the shape you want. (Figure 16)

Figure 16: Body Completion figure I
Let me think, I seem to have missed something, he is not a boy? Ah! There should be something to embody his masculine features-so I purposely used two small arcs to show that. Now, finally made a real boy's torso. However, it is not right to let him be naked, immoral not to say, a cold is not good. Let him put on a pair of trousers. This white panties used a square, oval, line and arc, of course, there are "black and white double evil" meticulous work. The concrete steps will be left to you to explore. Get the pants ready and put them on. (Figure 17)

Figure 17: Body Completion figure II
Finally, after the completion of the body part of the "merge" command, combined with the head again, with black, white arrow tools for reprocessing, you can get the cartoon boy we want. If you're still interested, try to change his hairstyle, skin tone, and create a different image of the other person.
Well, the above information is a small series for you illustrator of this software users brought to the detailed drawing of cute cartoon little boy portrait of the full content of the tutorials to share, you see the users here, small series believe that you see here is now very clear the way to draw the bar, Then you should go to the small part of the tutorial on the sharing of the tutorials themselves to try to draw it.

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