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  in the IT industry for more than 5 years, I have often seen many people hold the view that "technology is not important, the key is business." "There was a time when I thought so, too.  So, that's the right idea.   1. The source of the idea so, let's start from scratch and see how this idea is produced.   Domestic traditional IT companies, basically rely on "do Project" live, and the most important thing is to take a single, only to get a list to earn money, to survive. And take a single, need qualifications, cases, solutions and other soft conditions, the reason that these are soft conditions, because these can be created.   Qualification can borrow shell, case can be fabricated, the solution can be copied from the internet paste, in these aspects of customers are not difficult. Take a single need for the hard conditions is the market sales, so the traditional IT companies are often the most profitable market personnel, their percentage of commission is generally very high. Market personnel through the construction of the relationship network, the   use of light and shade, to conquer key figures, supplemented by pre-sales personnel, the contract signed.   This process sounds very superb, so for the market staff of high income, we all feel that it is a well-deserved. After taking the list, the next step is to do the project. In traditional IT companies, the first thing to consider when doing a project is to appoint a project manager, and a good project manager is a guarantee of the success of the project.   For the project manager's requirements: not only understand the management, but also have a certain degree of coordination; Of course, it is best to understand the business needs, as for technology, you can not understand. After the project manager receives the project, the first thing to do is the business requirements, at this stage, the technology is still not plugged in. (Of course, for most companies, business requirements analysis is also done by technicians.) Business needs are the so-called "key", so "understand business" has become a very good talent, both inside and outside the company are very much appreciated.   And, people who understand the business may not personally do the needs, but also may be dictated by the way to convey to the technical staff, by the technical staff to digest their own understanding. Business requirements have been determined, only to the stage of technology implementation, and this stage due to the former pressure, the deadline will be very tense, so programmers have to work overtime to catch progress. Therefore, according to the industry's general experience, technology development in the entire project accounted for at most one-third of the time. Why this phase is so short.   Because programmers are working overtime.   So, you see, anyone who needs to work overtime in an IT company is a technology developer. In some cases, overtime is able to barely complete the progress, but the actual situation, the programmers are tired of coping, the software can barely achieve functionality, and in terms of ease of use, reliability and so do not have to   and consider, most programmers do is mechanical write repetitive code. In fact, most of the code is not required to write, repetitive code can write a program generation, programmers should do is the idea and set   , however, the reality of the pressing situation does not allow them to think of these. Through overtime, the system developed, so the project implementation staff (many times also by the programmer) with the system to deploy the user online.   According to the Chinese experience, the project implementation is very test   project manager's personal ability, he needs to be able to give customers a pot of cabbage soup described as a table abalone wing banquet; the error message that pops up in the system is the intimate tip, the tedious operation, the painful user experience is said to be for the   safeguard system security;   Thus, in the high level of both sides of the happy, in the customer's actual use of the system users complain, the project smooth knot. The whole project process, market sales to get a single, so earn a lot of commission; The project manager leads the project completion, the credit is very big, may receive the commendation and the raise; the business demand personnel, the pre-sales personnel in this process also increased the business knowledge, changed more "understands the business", the company in order to retain "understands the business" the person,   It's also possible to give them a raise. But the project process develops the system the technical personnel, still did not have any change. Because, you are not indispensable, every year so many college graduates, competing to be a programmer, a variety of IT training   institutions, but also a steady stream of output programmers. You might say that those people who have no work experience need a training cycle. However, look at the development of various development tools, all aspects of programming are slowly automated,  Programmer's work is greatly simplified, will write code. Now development is all drag and drop graphics (see Primeton platform), so the cost of training new programmers is very small.   Therefore, the status of technicians can only be mixed   mouth food, not qualified to ask for a raise. As the investor of the project and the customer of the end user, they got an imperfect system at the end of the project, but they had to make up for it or do not.   Such a long time, the system is also slowly discarded, the investment of the year was water drift.   In this way, the formation of a vicious circle, the technical staff of the lack of attention, leading to the low level of technical staff (high level of all want to other outlets), but also led to the development of the poor quality of the system, which led to users of it enterprises or even the entire IT industry loss of confidence, Therefore, the competition is more intense, the quotation is more cabbage.   Profit space compression, forcing it enterprises to compress costs, the most commonly used method of compression cost is to drive the high salary of the programmer, and then recruit a group of novice, novice cheap, and willing to work overtime.   ......   But what is the result of this?   2, the future development trend from the beginning, IT industry's core technology in the hands of foreign companies, the domestic IT companies can only rely on the so-called "understanding of China" advantages, do not have the technical content of the business application system. In the process of doing business application, most traditional IT companies are technicallyStand on its laurels, thinking that business needs can be achieved without the need for new technology research, and sometimes even to maintain product stability and to repel new technologies. So, think about it, the products we provide can really meet the needs of users. Even if satisfied, can make the user feel convenient and easy to use. Stability and reliability standards.   Can the efficiency of the system be optimized again?   So, the result is that the traditional IT companies in the technology is more and more backward, can only do some opportunistic one, more and more users and the market spurned, in the end had to go bankrupt, change the name continue to fool people. But now a lot of emerging IT companies, especially internet companies, are completely different. Marketing, project management is not important, the most important thing is the user experience, because their products are   for the majority of netizens, product quality is not by the customer's leader nod approval, but by the Internet users click to evaluate the mouse.   As a result, the Internet companies can only be forced to strive for excellence in products, and constantly optimize the user experience, only   fear to leave a loophole for competitors. People look at our daily use of the most software, such as input methods, players, instant messaging tools, browsers and so on, almost every day there are version updates, why. Because one day is not optimized, it is possible to be surpassed by competitors.   Internet users do not accept bribes, regardless of human feelings, only to recognize the software is not easy to use. In Internet companies, product development is a top priority, so technology developers are the most valued, and in these companies, technology must be more important than business. Business everyone is the same: such as input method, is playing   word, such as the player, is playing audio and video files. Functionally much the same, it depends on who's technology to achieve better, who's user experience more comfortable.   Under this pressure, internet company technicians are desperately studying new technology,  and the company is also supporting developers to improve technology. Now everyone can see that the current domestic this traditional it enterprises, are the future is uncertain. And the Internet company is the main force in the future.   Microsoft's so cool company, just because of the transition to the internet late, Google is quickly catching up to even beyond.   Therefore, the traditional it enterprise thinking is not desirable, do not attach importance to technology companies will eventually fall into the mire of low quality and vicious competition to die. 3, to summarize even the traditional project-oriented it enterprises, I think the business is not so important. Business is what. Business is a layer of window paper, a bucket of broken. Have not seen how difficult to understand the business, unless it is to engage in nuclear fusion   computer simulation projects such as the need for professional knowledge, most of the other business needs summed up is four words: human nature.   Know the ways of the people, also understand the user business. Take my personal example, after I graduated in a large it state-owned enterprises to do e-government technology development, more than two years of time since the accumulation of a very rich experience in e-government business。   Later, after a number of   job-hopping, business direction has changed, the original business accumulation is not used, but through the accumulation of technology, as well as project experience, to help themselves quickly break the business window paper, business has not become a hindrance. In short, in the IT industry, technology is fundamental and technology is important if it is to be considered in the long run.
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