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I have always felt that I should learn about another database except Oracle, but I am really not interested in SQL Server. I think MySQL or PostgreSQL is an open source database after all, it is difficult to compete with commercial databases in the enterprise-level field at half past one, so choose IBM DB2 for the next time. Like Oracle's free Oracle XE, IBM also launched IBM DB2®Express-C 9.5 and DB2 Express-C provide data server functions at the same core as DB2 Express Edition and are free to use. This is a good opportunity to learn about DB2.

The installation package of DB2 Express-C installed on Windows is less than 300 mb. The installation process is very simple, and the interface is also a very standard Installation Style for Windows programs. It is totally different from the Universal Installer of Oracle.

In the installation program, DB2 Express-C is called DB2 Easyjet.

During the installation process, I chose custom installation. There is a small bug in the following interface that requires creating a user name and password. After each password is entered, an error is reported, saying "the password length is too small". If the password is increased to 14 characters, an error is still reported. The password must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and digits, if none of the preceding conditions is met, "the password length is too small" is reported "...

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